Adler - Individual Psychology

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Basic Assumptions

+ Humans are social by nature
+ Positive view of human nature
+ Striving towards goals
+ People are in control, not victims of fate
+ Personality created early in life
+ Growth model

Personality development - Key concepts

+ Family constellation
+ Life tasks more important than life stages
+ "Creative self" developed through striving for superiority
+ Pathology may develop as an inferiority complex from neglect, pampering or organic deficiency.


+ Discouraged
+ Inferiority complex

Goals of therapy

+ Challenge basic premises and goals
+ To offer encouragement
+ Change faulty motivations
+ Help feel equal to others


+ Encouragement
+ Confrontation
+ Develop goals
+ Paradoxical intention
+ Suggestions
+ Homework assignments
+ Re-educate
+ Explore private logic
+ Contracts


+ Parent - Child
+ Marriage and Family
+ Individual
+ Children and Adolescents
+ Rehabilitation counseling
+ Substance abuse
+ Preventative mental health

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