This table lists the developmental Life Stages, and the corresponding Developmental Tasks associated with each life stage.

Developmental Tasks

Life Stage Developmental Task
Infancy (birth to 2 years) Social attachment.
Maturation of sensory,perceptual, and motor functions.
Sensorimotor intelligence and primitive causality.
Understanding the nature of objects and creating categories
Emotional development
Toddler hood (2 to 4) Elaboration of Locomotion
Fantasy Play
Language development
Early School age (4 to 6) Sex-role Identification
Early moral development
Self-esteem Group play
Middle School age (6 to 12) Friendship
Concrete operations
Skill Learning
Team Play
Early Adolescence (12 to 18) Physical Maturation
Formal Operations
Emotional Development
Membership in the Peer group
Sexual Relationships
Later Adolescence (18 to 22) Autonomy from parents
Sex-role Identity
Internalized Morality
Career choice
Early Adulthood (22 to 34) Marriage
Middle Adulthood (34 to 60) Nurturing the marriage relationship
Management of household
Management of a career
Later Adulthood (60 to 75) Promoting intellectual vigor
Redirecting energy to new roles and activities
Adopting ones life
Developing a point of view about death
Very old age (75 until death) Coping with physical changes of aging
Developing a psycho historical perspective

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