Developmental Stages

These pages are some notes about psychosocial developmental stages of life. The I find the stages fascinating, and they are presented here in table form.

Developmental Definitions
Developmental Tasks
Developmental Stages

Since there was only one reference for this section, I have included it here.


Newman, B. M. & Newman, P. R. (1991). Development Through Life A psychosocial Approach (5th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company.

The purpose of this information: This information was published as an experiment in publishing on the WWW. While learning how to publish on the WWW, I needed something that I felt was of some value. These pages are study guides I composed to help me study for graduate a final exam in Human Development/Developmental Psychology. I'm not claiming that any of this material is 100% correct. I make no representation as to the usefulness of this material. I hope that these pages are of some use to you, either educational, informative, or at least entertaining. If you have any comments about these pages please contact me by e-mail. Thank you for reading.

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