This is a List of my Favorite trip planning books for Walt Disney World.

Rita Aero's Walt Disney World by Rita Areo

Rita Aero's Walt Disney World, The Essential Guide to Amazing Vacations is Rita's new guide to Walt Disney World. This Book started out as Walt Disney world for Audlts back in 1994, the book is now in it's fourth edition and it just keeps getting better and better, it is one of, if not my favorite tour book for Walt Disney World. Like Rick and Gayle's book it does a good job of covering many of the attractions in the parks, and it also covers the resorts. Rita also has touring schedules available, although I don't recommend touring schedules. When I need to find information about Walt Disney World, I look first in Rita and Rick and Gayle's books. If you have to decide to buy one book or the other... Don't decide, instead, buy them both. Rita's book is the only book that I know of that has it's own web site. Look for more up to date information at Rita's site, there is also a special section just for people (like me) me who buy her book. For trip planing to WDW; Get Rita's book and visit her web site too.

PassPorter Walt Disney World by Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx

PassPorter Walt Disney World is a unique book that is now in it's 2001 edition. When it first came out it took the guidebook scene by storm. This book has all the Walt Disney World information you would expect from a guidebook, PLUS it has a space designated as a planner chart to help you plan before you go, and it has daily planners where you can write down what you will do each day, and pockets to save the little scraps of paper (receipts, notes, etc.) necessary for a vacation. Be sure to visit PassPorter's site.

Walt Disney World To Go by Andy Dannelley

Now you can take it with you on your Palm OS device. Be sure to visit eGuides To Go for a portable electronic guide for your Palm OS device. There is a guide to the major attractions at Walt Disney World as well as Menus (provided by Deb Wills) and entertainmnet schedules (provided by Steve Soares). Walt Disney World To Go is available for wired, wireless and stand alone use, via the iSilo doc reader, Palm PQAs (Palm Query Applicaions), AvantGo and other wired and wireless methods. The menus and entertainment schedules are available wireless, wired and via AvantGo. VIsit eGuides To Go for more information.

Walt Disney World for Couples by Rick and Gayle Perlmuter

This is a book meant primarily for couples visiting Walt Disney World. They have a great description of many of the attractions in the parks, and more importantly great descriptions of the various resorts. They rate the resorts primarily by "romantic" appeal, but you can also get an idea about the other amenities available and relative costs. While the book is primarily for couples, they do realize that many couples also have children and Rick and Gayle give suggestions for having a "romantic" time even if you do have to take your children.

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World

This book is the official party line about Walt Disney World. It describes the resorts and attractions, and in general it leaves the rating to the reader or the tourist. The book gives relative prices for resorts and restaurant, but it doesn't rate them. It is a very good book because they have access to "inside" information that others don't have access to.

The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World by Bob Schlinger

This book rates everything! The attractions, the restaurants, the resorts, you name it, Bob rates it. Bob also has touring plans, and touring plans. There is much good information in this book, but it is the size of a small encyclopedia, and I find I skip much of his ratings and touring plans. If you like ratings and touring plans, this is the book for you.

I have also read numerous other books about Walt Disney World. Some are books for touring Walt Disney World with kids and some are titled specifically for touring Walt Disney World without kids. Those I have listed are my favorites, others are ok, but they do not meet my needs as well as these. My only advice here is to go to your local bookstore, look through several books about Walt Disney World, and buy several. I don't feel that it is possible to get all the trip planning information one needs out of only one book.

A word of caution, unless you are really obsessive about planning your trip down to how you will spend each hour or minute, use the touring plans in the books as guides. Some people try to follow them religiously only to find that it is really hard to anticipate all the variables. The overriding advice here is plan in general what you want to do, the day and time of day you want to do something or visit some attraction, but be flexible, if something is too crowded, don't insist that "the plan" dictates that you must do it now, step back, make a new plan and do it later. Above all, remember... This is a vacation, enjoy it! Enjoy your trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

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