Links to Trip Planning Resources

This page is links to World Wide Web trip planning resources. Since my Disney information is mainly for entertainment, and since others already have excellent trip planning resources on the World Wide Web, I see no reason why I should duplicate their efforts. In addition to Internet trip planning resources, I recommend you also check out some Disneyland and Walt Disney World Guide Books.

Deb's Disney Digest & Walt Disney World Information Guide (WD-WIG) by Deb Wills

Deb's Disney Digest has been growing by leaps and bounds lately. She stared with a "modest" fan WDW site and it has how grown into the (IMHO) one of the premier sites for information about Walt Disney World. Her site has information on almost every conceivable think one could want information about. The site has resort FAQ's, menu's for many, many WDW eating establishments.

NEW! You can now take these menus with you, visit eGuides To Go for Deb's menus and more

Live Entertainment at Walt Disney World by Steve Soars

This is the only site I know of that has ALL the live entertainment schedules for all live entertainment at Walt Disney World, including the live entertainment that is not published elsewhere. Steve updates this site weekly. I refer to his site and I recommend his site for anyone who wants the latest in all the live entertainment at Walt Disney World. Be sure to visit Steve's site.

New! You may also carry Steve's entertainment schedules with you where ever you go, visit eGUides To Go for Steves schedule and more!

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