Site Recognition and Affiliations

This is an honor presented to me by RedHeadFox. She informed me that she feels that the Anaheim to Orlando site is one of the Best of the Best Disney sites. Well, naturally I am flattered to be in this company.
 Recently Ed Badger awarded me a Gold Disney Nut award. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. In order to be awarded a Gold Disney Nut one must be a certifiable Disney nut. It is not just because I maintain a Disney related web site, but I maintain a Disney life style.
During the week of January 11, 1997, Scott honored me with his award of "Web Site of the Week". This was and is quite an honor. Anytime anyone recognizes my work on this site I am thrilled.
 Visit the Planet Disney page for links to Disney parks sites, general Disney information and Disney animation. This site also has sound bytes graphics and information and video information.
 TwoEarsUp award gif
 The TwoEarsUp award was presented to Anaheim to Orlando: A Bi-Coastal Comparison of Disney in April of 1998. I think this is a cool award, presented by a person with a really cool site. The site is called Operation Preserve Disneyland . The main focus of the site is the preservation of the history and historical landmarks of Disneyland.


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