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I have been a Disney parks fan since 1954 (yep a year before Disneyland opened). I watched (on a black and white TV) with great anticipation as Walt described his new amusement park that would be Disneyland and I waited anxiously for Disneyland to open. I first went to Disneyland in 1955 (opening year) and for the next 38 years I went to Disneyland at least 3 to 5 times per year. In 1993 I got my first Annual Passport to Disneyland and since then the frequency of my visits increased dramatically. In 1994 I took my family on vacation to Walt Disney World. We stayed at what was called the Disney Vacation Club, which became Disney's Old key West Resort. We fell in love with the place and immediately bought a timeshare interest in the Disney Vacation Club. Since then we have been going back to Walt Disney World every chance we get.

In June 1996 I created and published my first Disney Web site; Anaheim to Orlando: A Bi-Coastal Comparison of Disney.

Also in June 1996 I also published my first non-Disney web site, Andy's Psychology Pages which is used by students of Psychology and recommend by numerous undergraduate and graduate school Psychology professors around the world.

On April 4, 2000 I published my first Disney parks photo quiz; Anaheim or Orlando? The Bi-Coastal Question of Disney.

In late November 1999 I started a new Walt Disney World touring information web site which was published in February 2001. The new touring site will feature information helpful to more fully enjoying what Walt Disney World has to offer. The site is available for traditional browsers as well as in a format useable by organizers using the Palm OS for wired, wireless and stand-alone versions. Look for Walt Disney World To Go on a web site near you.

In late 1999 I participated in Rita Aero's new Walt Disney World trip and travel planning book as a member of the E.A.R.S. Academy (Expert Advisor Rating System Academy). The title of the book is "Rita Aero's Walt Disney World : The Essential Guide to Amazing Vacations", published in May 2000.

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