Monday, January 17, 2005
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How, How, Wandering Walnuts!


The night when the first quarter of the full Wolf Moon shone, the Wandering Walnuts dropped into the tepee of Singing River and Thundering River.  Singing River opened the tribal jamboree by banging the tribal drum 12 times.  The Wandering Walnuts raised their hands to the Great Spirit as Thundering River offered the tribal prayer, and they then formed the unbroken circle to repeat the pledge and aims.


Everyone sat down and listened intently as each princess recalled what she had done to earn her wampum.  Thundering River gave the Tallykeeper’s report for december.


The princesses then shared the activities for which they had earned feathers.  Rain Dancer earned a feather for making her mother a fine pork chop meal.  Carolina Maple earned a feather for a campout with dad, braving the dark night.  Brown-eyed doe and Tiger lily earned a feather for an incredible display of minerals and rocks.  Singing River earned two feathers for creating and presenting a photo portfolio and for displaying her rock collection.


Heart-O’-Pine had the princesses giggling with delight with his game of blindfold the artist.  Everyone enjoyed the wild creations.


Singing River and Thundering River then brought the princesses into the tepee dining area to decorate heart baskets.  Each one was unique, and each one was beautiful. Everyone enjoyed fruit punch and cookies afterwards.


The tribe ended their meeting with the silent prayer, and the Wandering Walnuts escaped like hunted wolves in the night. 


How, How!


Thundering River


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