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Design Credits

Camidigan by C. Dennis Moore, Scrybe Press, May 2004

In the Darkness, Hunting by Janrae Frank, Wildside Press, January 2004

Darkzone A forum for Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror

The Misfits in Print A spec-fic writers group based in Raleigh, NC.

2005 Andreas Black

Web & Cover Design

While my primary interest is writing, I often find myself designing websites and book covers. It seems all you need is the necessary software, and an interest in using it. On the left side-bar, you can see my small, but growing list of design credits.


Ever the reluctant nomad, I travel -- a lot. It used to be requirement of the dreaded "day job". Whenever possible, I try to visit local areas of interest. It's far more fun than hiding in the hotel room: eating take-out and watching Cartoon Network. Besides, if I have to trapse about the country on someone elses' dime, I may as well make the best of it.

Oh, yeah, I take pictures when I go. And sometimes, they're not crap.

I hate to do this, but...

I used to post the pictures here, and on a flickr site. But I started finding my pictures posted, without permission, on various sites and in blatant disregard of their copyright. So i've restricted my pictures to my FaceBook site.