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Potted Plants v. 2.0
Potted Plants.gif
Pots that can be bought at shops. They already contain soil and a plant cutting.

Potted Plants v2.0

You can buy the potted plants from Ancola's stall in Sadrith Mora. They are completely portable, come in customized pots, and will bear an ingredient after the first 10 days, and every 30 days after.

AH - Planter Add-On

Advanced Herbalism

Real Furniture

Buy furniture that can be carried in your inventrory, placed, shifted and picked up again. Over 400 peices of furniture are available.

If you have already downloaded one of the real furniture betas, you only need to download this file. Please clean out and remove the beta before using this file.

Houses For Sale

Coleen has volunteered this great mod of unfurnished homes for use with Real Furniture. It adds 12 new properties throughout Vvardenfell that can be bought from Eranin Selvas in the Grand Council Chambers, Ebonheart.

RF - Dongle's Delights

Adds Dongle's great furniture meshes to the Real Furniture system.

RF - Lady E's Extravaganza

Adds Lady E's wonderful cases, trees, and plant pots to the Real Furniture system.

RF and HOM compatability .esp

Please download and use this .esp in addition to the other(s) if you wish to activate both Real Furniture and GrumblePunk's House Of Mannequins. It will move the Furnisher's Hall downstairs. You do not need to clean your save to use the new .esp.

Modders: How To Make Real Furniture

Advanced Herbalism is a re-working of the herbalism concept first created by Balor and Shanjac. It adds a new skill called "Herbalism" to the game. This skill determines the player's ability to harvest organic ingredients in the wild. When a plant is activated, its ingredients are placed directly into your inventory and it is disabled for 30 days, making harvesting feel more natural. There are seeds available for growing new plants, skill trainers, skill books and a weeding hoe for digging up some plants. Please read the readme for further details.

Blue Dot Magic Icons

Auto Alchemy Lab

Morrowind Toy Shoppe - Figurines!