Phish Summer Tour 2000!


This summer, Phish played three concerts at my favorite venue, Deer Creek. The night before the first Phish show, Phil Lesh (bass player of the Grateful Dead) and Bob Dylan played a concert as well. So I loaded up my trusty old Corolla with copies of Tales of Tour, dropped the wife off for a visit with her family, and headed out to Indianapolis to meet with my old tour buddy Bill Irwin and his girlfriend Jen.

Much hijinx ensued.


Bill Irwin -- The Consummate Deadhead


Jen shows us a little hippie cheesecake


The parking-lot scene. (If you think this is a photograph of nothing, you're not a Head!)


You meet all sorts at the parking lot! Lex and Bill team up with the one, the only: Starman!


Set break, on the Deer Creek lawn. (A crowd even Alex wouldn't stand out in!)


Jen and Bill at set break, looking cute together.


Tour buddies Terry and Jackie, hanging out with us after the show.


Good friends.


"Hey! Pssst! Wanna buy a book?"