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Alex Kolker

ABOUT THE BOOK: Ever since my college days, I have been a Deadhead -- one of several hundred thousand of the most dedicated fans of the rock group the Grateful Dead. Whenever the band went on tour, we would all pack up and follow along after them, getting into as many concerts as we could, and hanging out together in the concert hall parking lots before and after each show. There, we would meet, play music, and buy and sell each other's crafts, tie-dyed T-shirts, food, and drugs. I used to earn my pocket change on tour by selling bound copies of these short stories at the shows.

Jerry Garcia's death, in August of 1995, was literally the end of an era. And while nothing indeed can fully replace the Dead, tour itself has gone on -- with Furthur Fests and the Other Ones, and of course Phish. Touring, then, has become more than just a Deadhead phenomenon. It has become a permanent part of American culture.

And even though there are enough bootleg recordings of Dead and Phish concerts to keep the music alive for generations to come, and enough interviews with and non-fiction books about the bands themselves, few have yet to record what life on tour is like. Tour-heads are a special breed -- facing up to a grueling schedule and the ridicule and suspicion of the locals just to attend their tenth, their fiftieth, their hundredth concert. It's all one big party, but better yet, it's one big family -- because when the show is over, everyone just picks up, drives on to the next town, and starts it all up again.

I wrote Tales of Tour for everyone:

I've found it next to impossible to explain what tour is all about to someone who's never been on one. But Tales of Tour is my best attempt. If you're interested, read the sample stories below.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alex Kolker got to celebrate both his 25th and 30th birthdays by attending Dead concerts. He also had the mixed pleasure of seeing Jerry's last show in July of 1995. One of his few regrets in life is that he turned down the chance to see the 7/6/90 show in Louisville, Kentucky, which is now one of his favorite bootlegs.

Below is a sample story from the collection, and two other samples of my tour writing:

There are eight Tales of Tour in all, bound up in a single, soft-cover volume (132 pages). If you like the Tales below, EMAIL ME, and I'll tell you how to get a copy.

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Thank You, Jerry!

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