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Revised October 31, 2004

Mile 28.42 to 30.57, hiked west to east then doubled back, June 8, 1996
Mile 28.42 to 30.57, hiked east to west continuing to mile 20.82, October 17, 2004
Dry Run Road to High Knob Exit Road

Our first hike of 1996 covered the short but uphill segment connecting the gap between our last two hikes. We drove directly to the LT on Saturday, stopping for lunch in Bloomsburg. Aimee drove the last stretch from Bloomsburg to the trail and she almost had to pull off Route 42 about ten miles north of Bloomsburg because of a thunderstorm with pouring rain. The National Weather Service reported wind damage with trees down as close as Williamsport. The storm lasted only about 15 minutes, and by the time we reached the parking area on Dry Run Road, hiking conditions were warm and humid but not particularly wet. Mike commented later that this was the second worst hiking weather we'd experienced in terms of heat and humidity, surpassed only by a 16-mile Memorial Day weekend hike we took in Upper Michigan along with Mike's brother in 1987 or 1988.

The beginning mile of the hike was relatively flat, rising only 80 ft from the starting point at mile 28.42 to mile 29.36. At that point, we climbed High Knob in a series of six switchbacks, rising 260 ft in about 6/10 mile to an intersection with the High Knob Vista entrance road at elevation 2010 ft. Part way up the hill, we passed Center Point at mile 29.64, representing the exact halfway point of the LT from end to end. Mike thought for sure there would be a blue coffee can lid sign for "Center Point," but if there was, we missed it. (We would recommend that the Alpine Club install one if there isn't one.)

The remainder of the hike was a flat section on top of High Knob, from the entrance road to the exit road at mile 30.57 where we turned around. We stopped for a snack a short distance in from the road. As we crossed the entrance road and prepared to follow the trail as it dropped off the hill, Mike noticed a sign indicating the trail was for "Hikers Only." We laughed at the notion that anyone would try to drive a vehicle down the narrow, steep trail. Perhaps the sign was intended for horses and bicycles.

On October 17, 2004, Mike and Maria left a car at mile 21.82 and Aimee dropped them off at the point where the LT crosses the High Knob Vista exit road, mile 30.57.  By the time they completed this segment of the hike, they were only about a quarter of the way finished with their planned 8 1/2 miles.

Footnote: This has a short description because the 1996 hike was one of the shortest hikes we made along the LT. Maria had then done about 12 1/2 miles; Mike and Aimee had done about 34 miles.  
Mile marker 29 Mike and Maria pose at mile marker 29 part way up the climb from Dry Run Road to High Knob on June 8, 1996. This was our first LT hike of 1996 and Maria was 11 months old the day before. Shortly, she would outgrow the front carrier and begin traveling in the backpack.
Aimee at mile 30 A short hike like the one we took this day sure leaves everyone smiling. At mile 30, Aimee knows we are within a half mile of our turnaround point, and the remaining hiking is either flat or downhill.  There must have been something memorable about mile marker 30, as all of us got our turn being photographed here.
Mike and Maria at mile 30
Hikers Only Right: On the return trip, Mike and Maria have just passed the High Knob entrance road at mile 29.95. As they prepare for the descent from High Knob, a sign barely visible to their right designates the trail for "Hikers Only." Behind them is one of the vistas visible from High Knob.

Maria about to descend from High KnobLeft: Maria, eight years older, at the same spot in October, 2004.

Below: Maria's first of many stream crossings on the October, 2004 hike was at Dry Run, near mile 28.5
Maria crossing Dry Run

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