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Revised October 31, 2004

Mile 18.25 to 22.08, hiked east to west then doubled back, July 27, 1996
Mile 18.25 to 19.00, hiked east to west continuing to Mile 15.45, August 6, 2004
Mile 19.00 to 21.82, hiked west to east, October 18, 2004
Brunnerdale Road to Genesee Road
Aimee's Favorite Hike

We began our third hike of 1996 at the same parking area on Brunnerdale Road from which we had previously hiked to Kettle Creek. This time, we hiked east to west as the trail guide reads, more precisely, southward to southwestward on this segment. To reach our starting point in the Ogdonia Creek valley, we took PA Route 87 to Ogdonia, near Camp Lycogis, then turned right onto gravel Ogdonia Road. Approximately 3 1/2 miles down Ogdonia Road, it has a T or Y intersection with Brunnerdale Road to the left. The LT also intersects at this point and the trail markers are visible along Brunnerdale Road. In 1/4 mile, the road crosses Ogdonia Creek and there is a parking area on the left.

The weather this day was mild for late July as far as temperature, with a slight mist or drizzle as we began hiking. The LT began by retracing Brunnerdale Road to the Ogdonia Road intersection at mile 21.82. It turned left, across Ogdonia Road into the woods, and began a somewhat steep climb, shortly becoming a moderate but constant climb, which lasted for nearly two miles. At that point, we had gained over 800 ft of elevation and had reached the highest point on the LT at 2140 ft. This ascent through the woods was relatively moderate because it followed an old woods road, the old Genesee Road.

We were disappointed that the highest point at mile 19.92 did not have a "coffee can lid" sign. The peak is somewhat broad and flat and it was difficult to determine the exact high point at mile 19.92. Similarly, the LT crossed the line from Sullivan County into Lycoming County at mile 19.75 without any announcement. We would recommend that the Alpine Club sign both of these spots.

Aimee found the segment beginning at mile 19.65 to be the most interesting of any of our LT hikes. Mike's diametrically opposed opinion was that he didn't need to drive to northern Pennsylvania to walk down a gravel road. Unfortunately, he had the camera, and as a result, none of the interesting and historical man-made landmarks were photographed. These included an old cemetery at mile 19.48, roads to Camp Genesee and Crystal Lake Camp, an interesting building with stained glass windows, several other large buildings, and many houses or cabins. The trail guide identified several of these, including the Wind Whistle Inn and the building with the stained glass which was the casino of the Essick Hotel which burned in 1916. At mile 19.00, the LT left the gravel road, paralleling it along a dirt road which rejoined the gravel road at mile 18.25. We stopped for lunch at that point and returned by doubling back on our original route.

In 2004, Mike and Maria returned in August to hike the segment from 19.00 to 18.25 as part of a short hike ending at mile 15.45.  Directions for reaching the starting location at mile 19.00 by car are given on the page describing the segment from mile 15.45 to mile 18.25

This 3/4 mile segment of the trail parallels the current gravel Genesee Road, running behind the same houses and buildings for which the road runs in front.  This time Mike did manage to get some photos.

Later the same year, Mike and Maria again began at mile 19.00 next to the casino of the Essick Hotel.  This time they hiked along the gravel road segment in the eastward direction, passing the road to Crystal Lake Camp, rising to the high point of the LT, then descending 840 ft over the final two miles to the point where they'd left a car at the intersection of Ogdonia and Brunnerdale Roads.  Normally the parking area is about 1/4 mile further along Brunnerdale Road, but a construction project had required a road closing and a temporary rerouting of the LT in the vicinity.  The project was scheduled to run from August to October, 2004, so presumably the LT detour has ended and cars should once again be parked at mile 22.08.

Footnote: When Mike proposed rehiking some segments of the trail after Maria was born, Aimee suggested forgetting those and instead rehiking this segment because it was relatively easy and very interesting. The 2004 trip was an interesting compromise -- Mike and Maria got to hike, and Aimee got to see several of the points of interest as we drove along the Genesee Road in the car to drop off Mike and Maria.

Mile 22 along Brunnerdale Road Left:  We had barely started our hike on July 27, 1996, when Mike and Maria encountered mile marker 22 as the LT followed Brunnerdale Road for the first 1/4 mile from the parking area.

Mike and Maria at mile 21Right:  By mile marker 21, we had climbed a bit more than 400 ft in a steady rise out of the Ogdonia Creek valley.  Maria looks quite pleased to be hiking; Mike looks pleased to stop and catch his breath.  Even on the JPEG it's evident that he's sweating a bit around his neck.

Mile marker 20 Left:  Maria's pleased look in the previous picture may have been due to the fact that we stopped to take it. She continued to fidget in the backpack as we hiked, so Mike switched her from the backpack to the front carrier at mile 21. The two of them are posing here at mile marker 20, within 0.08 mile of the highest elevation point on the LT.

Mike and Maria at mile 19Right:  It's easy to look happy at mile marker 19, since the LT had been relatively flat for over a mile and had been following a gravel township road, Genesee Road, for about 1/2 mile.
LT as it follows Genesee Road near mile 19Left: This is the gravel road, Genesee Road, followed by the LT from mile 16.10 to 18.25 and again from mile 19.00 to 19.48.  This picturesque view is looking in the eastbound direction shortly after mile 19.00, on the beautiful fall day of October 18, 2004.

Entrance sign for Crystal Lake Camps

Right: As the LT leaves the gravel road at mile 19.48, the trail continues straight along an old woods road while the gravel road curves to the left and passes under this sign for Crystal Lake Camps.
Maria at highest point on LTMaria is standing at the highest point on the LT, elevation 2140 ft, at mile 19.92, just inside the Sullivan County side of the county line between Sullivan and Lycoming Counties.  The rise from the vicinity of the Crystal Lake Camp turnoff is moderate for about 1/3 mile, then the trail flattens out so much near the high point that it's hard to tell where it actually is.  This was our best guess.  We recommend that the Alpine Club put a blue and yellow coffee can lid sign here: "Highest Point on LT."
Maria at mile 20Right: A quite a bit older Maria returns to mile 20 eight years later, this time on her own two feet.

Lunch stop for Maria and SparkleLeft:  We stopped for lunch just beyond mile 20.  In keeping with a long tradition of taking "companions" with her on hiking trips, Maria took a dog named Sparkle to enjoy the beauty of nature on the LT this day.  How many stuffed animals have ever hiked to the highest point of the LT?
Sparkle by LT markerBefore lunch, Sparkle was inside Mike's backpack with his head sticking out.  After lunch, since the hike was relatively easy, Maria started carrying him so he got to pose in all kinds of places.

Maria and Sparkle on seesaw treeTop right: Sparkle near an LT marker.  Not only does Sparkle hike the LT but apparently he also climbs trees!

Bottom left:  Maria and Sparkle are using a partially downed tree as a seesaw.  Maria was apprehensive at first but once she started bouncing she thought it was great fun ... until the splintered trunk at the stump end began making cracking sounds.
Maria and Sparkle at mile 21Right:  Maria and Sparkle posing at Mile 21.

Mike, Maria, and Sparkle at vistaLeft:  Mike, Maria, and Sparkle pose at a vista near mile 21.5 as the LT winds down the hill along the old woods road.

Center: Maria didn't even have to do the limbo to fit under this huge downed tree.
Maria under big tree

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