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Revised October 31, 2004

Mile 15.45 to 18.25, hiked west to east then doubled back, September 1, 1996
Mile 15.45 to 18.25, hiked east to west beginning from mile 19.00, August 6, 2004
Mountain Road to Genesee Road
In 1996, for the third consecutive year, we went up north on Labor Day weekend to hike the LT. For this hike, we extended our progress westward from the Genesee Road area, although we ended rather than began there. Our starting point where the LT crossed Mountain Road was not too difficult to reach by car. We took PA Route 864 east from PA Route 87 and turned left on a paved road at Huntersville. About a mile and a half along this road,  we reached a Y intersection and took the left fork which was Mountain Road. In about 1/4 mile, the LT merged from the left for a short jog along the road, and there was a parking area at the point where it turned right off the road in about 200 ft.

It is also possible to reach points by car along the LT between mile 16.10 and 18.25, and also between mile 19.00 and 19.48.  Follow the previous directions until reaching the Y intersection.  Then take the RIGHT fork to follow Genesee Road which becomes a gravel road.  In about 2/3 to 3/4 mile after the fork, the LT merges from the left at mile 16.10 and begins following the road as mentioned below.  2.15 miles later, there is an intersection where the LT continues straight on an old woods road and the road continues as a right fork.  The LT rejoins the road as the road curves to the right about 3/4 mile later.  Although there are no "parking areas" it's possible to park along the road by pulling off into the LT woods road direction at either mile 18.25 or 19.00.

We began hiking in that direction, at mile 15.45, elevation 1400 ft. The first 2/3 mile consisted of a wooded segment between Mountain Road and Genesee Road. We descended relatively gradually to Laurel Run at elevation 1280 ft, then climbed up to Genesee Road at mile 16.10, elevation 1350 ft.

For the remaining 2.15 uphill miles, the LT followed gravel Genesee Road. The first mile or so was not steep, and we climbed only 160 ft in the first 1.45 miles. A portion of this paralleled a small stream. At mile 17.55, the gravel road wound left where another road came in from the right, and the LT climbed about as steeply as a road can climb for the next 1/3 mile before flattening into a gradual rise to our destination at mile 18.25, elevation 1880 ft. We stopped and ate lunch along the gravel road intersection there, then returned by the same route to our car. This hike was not difficult, though the day was a bit warm, especially noticeable in the sun as we climbed the steep portion of the gravel road. Unfortunately, we have no photos. Either Mike forgot the camera in the car, or else he didn't think the gravel road segment was very scenic.

In 2004, Mike and nine-year-old Maria returned to get some pictures to add to this page and to give Maria the opportunity to continue toward her goal of completing the LT on her own two feet.   Aimee dropped them off at mile 19.00, accessible by car along Genesee Road.  There really is not a tremendous amount of scenery along the road segment and the wooded portion is not quite 2/3 mile.  This is a short and easy segment to hike, especially in the downhill direction.  It took Maria and Mike less than two hours including the extra 3/4 mile from their starting point, and that included a stop for a lunch snack in the woods near mile 16.

Footnote: Maria and Mike went to the Williamsport Cubs' game the evening before the 1996 hike. In one of the most exciting baseball games Mike had ever seen, the Cubs were no-hit for the first eight innings and trailed 1-0 before winning with a 2-run ninth inning rally. Maria greatly enjoyed the fireworks show that followed the game.
Official LT guide
The Alpine Club of Williamsport 's official "Guide to the Loyalsock Trail and Side Trails" is an indispensable reference for LT hikers.
Vista near mile 3
Since we didn't take any photos on this hike, we've included one from the hike we took to Sock Rock later in this month. This vista looks south from Allegheny Ridge near LT mile 3.

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