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Revised October 29, 2006

Mile 13.53 to 15.45, hiked east to west then doubled back, November 17, 1996
Mile 13.53 to 15.45, hiked east to west continuing to mile 4.81, October 8, 2006
Mountain Road to horseback trail junction near Long Ridge Fire Tower
We complete the Loyalsock Trail in 1996!

After finishing our second to last segment of the LT in late October, we thought we'd have to wait till warm weather came the following spring to hike the last segment. When the third weekend of November approached with a relatively mild weather forecast, we realized it wouldn't have to wait that long. We accessed the trail from the same parking area used for the Labor Day weekend trip, on Mountain Road just beyond the point it branched off from Genesee Road. This was not difficult to reach from PA Route 864, turning left at the main intersection in Huntersville. About a mile and a half along this road, which had turned to gravel, we reached a Y intersection and took the left fork which was Mountain Road. In about 1/4 mile, the LT merged from the left for a short jog along the road, and there was a parking area at the point where it turned right off the road in about 200 ft.

We began hiking back on Mountain Road, from mile 15.45 to 15.41 where the LT turned right off the road and began to ascend from 1400 ft. The morning was sunny and cool without much wind, with the temperature in the upper 30s. Mike actually hiked in a blue cotton sweater without a jacket. There had been no snow in Williamsport, and just a dusting where we parked. As we began to climb we noticed more snow. It wasn't a steep uphill, but it was a constant moderate rise which began to level out after we passed an intersection with White Trail W-2 at mile 14.82.

By this time we were atop the Allegheny Ridge. After reaching an elevation of 1810 ft, we descended slightly into the head of Hessler Hollow at 1760 ft, ascended again to 1850 ft, and dropped to 1810 ft. The remaining 1/4 mile or so brought us to a high point of 2030 ft. We were walking through snow that was about two or three inches deep when Mike yelled that he could see the Red X junction.  (At that time, the side trail was designated as a Red X trail RX-4.  It is currently designated as a Blue trail B-3.)

Mike had packed up a small bottle of champagne so we toasted our completion of the Loyalsock Trail at the mile 13.53 junction. Maria drank orange juice. Because of the cold and snow, we didn't even take Maria out of the backpack, but finished our celebration, took photos, and immediately began hiking back down.

In 2006, Mike and Maria hiked this segment at the beginning of a ten-mile hike.  Like the hike made in 1996, this represented the completion of the LT.  This time, it was Maria who was finishing the last segment she needed to complete the trail on her own two feet.  The weather was warmer on a pleasant sunny day in early October.  We also noticed that the former Red X trail which had been labeled RX-4 was no longer blazed with the Red X markers.  Instead, these had been painted over with a light blue color to signify Blue trail B-3 leading to the fire tower, but no longer blazed as continuing on to return to the main LT.)

Footnote: We drove home after the 1996 hike. When Mike came home from work the next evening, he found that Aimee had baked a cake to celebrate our completion of the LT. It was a chocolate pan cake, decorated with facsimiles of the old style and new style trail markers, with the message, "Thanks Alpine Club -- Loyalsock Trail 1992 to 1996 -- Aimee Mike & Maria."
Mile Marker 14 Mike and Maria at LT mile marker 14, less than a half mile from our goal of completing the Loyalsock Trail. A dusting of snow at the beginning of the hike had become two or three inches after climbing 300 ft.
Thumbs up after finishing LT Mike gives a "thumbs up" sign next to a tree bearing the markers of the Red X Trail RX-4 which intersected the LT at mile 13.53. This junction was the end of our final LT segment.  Note: The side trail is no longer designated as a Red X.  It is currently Blue trail B-3.
Mile Marker 15 We took this photo as we passed mile marker 15 on the return leg to the car. Note that there is no snow at this point, as we have begun our descent from the ridge.
Aimee's LT Cake After we returned home, Aimee baked a cake and decorated it to celebrate our completion of the Loyalsock Trail. Mike and Maria posed with the cake on November 18, 1996.
Thanks Alpine Club!
Loyalsock Trail marker replica This is what the replica of the old-style LT trail marker looks like. These are available from The Alpine Club of Williamsport for a nominal cost. The replica is actually laminated on plastic, not a soup can lid like the ones on the LT. They were originally intended to be replaced by the 2" by 6" rectangular yellow blazes with a red stripe across the middle, but still remain alongside the new blazes on most of the LT.
Loyalsock Trail patch Quoting from the LT trail guide published by the Alpine Club , "Hikers covering at least ten miles of the LT may purchase an embroidered LT patch ..." Mike and Aimee always intended to send for theirs, but never got around to it until Maria completed ten miles the weekend she was ten weeks old . All three of us got our patches then.
Maria, age 11, at mile 14Right:  On October 8, 2006, Mike and Maria rehiked this segment as part of a ten-mile hike.  Here Maria poses at mile marker 14 near the beginning of the hike.

Below:  Since we last hiked this segment in 1996, the Red X trail was redesignated as Blue trail B-3 and the blazes were changed from yellow circles with a red X to light blue circles, by painting them with light blue paint.

Maria at mile 13.53 trail junction

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