Volume 12, No. 2  Farrington’s Grove Historical District, Inc.   June, 2002
* Mission Statement * President's Letter
* 2nd Annual FGHD Garden Tour
* Historical Society Happenings * "Art in the Garden"
 * Court to Decide Crawford School Issue
* Events in the Battle to Save Crawford School
* Crawford Kids Need Your Support
* FGHD Website is Moving
* Thank You to Our Newest Corporate Members
* 2002 Board Members * Membership Application
* We Thank Our Members

Mission Statement

To guide and promote the preservation and restoration of the Farrington's Grove Historical District in order to:
a) ensure and protect its cultural and architectural integrity;
b) limit incompatible uses;
c) encourage community fellowship and neighborhood awareness; and
d) prevent increased population density.

President’s Letter

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

This will be the last President’s Letter that you’ll be seeing in the newsletter from me.  At the end of July, my family will be relocating to Holland, Michigan, where I will begin the next academic year teaching at Hope College.  For obvious reasons, I will be resigning my position as board member and president in the near future.  The board will be holding its annual planning retreat in late June, and expects to select a new president at that time.
I have greatly enjoyed my three years serving on the board of directors and two years serving as president of FGHD.  Farrington’s Grove is one of the best things about Terre Haute.  The people I have met working with FGHD, participating in activities, and walking through the neighborhood, have been tremendous sources of support and friendship. 
On May 6, FGHD held its annual meeting and election at 7:00 p.m. in the Crawford School gym.  We welcomed several new members and for the second time in the last year, we have no vacancies on our Board of Directors.  I would like to thank Jackie and Mike Carrell, Craig Ketner, Anne Lee, and Harriet McNeal for volunteering to run for reelection.  They will serve until 2004.  Joining them are new board members Doretta Bedwell, Tom Burkett, and David Dittman, who were elected as write-in candidates at the meeting.  Continuing to serve on the board until 2003 are Amy and George Amies, Chris and Richard Antonak, Georgia Mell, and Melony Sacopulos.  I would like to express my personal appreciation to all of the board members for working to make our community a better place.  Thanks for caring!
The battle to keep Crawford School open continues.  I would like to thank board members Georgia Mell (who is also a Crawford parent), George Amies, and Amy Amies for their considerable efforts over the last six months.  Many other FGHD board members, members, and residents have also assisted in this cause.  Although the Vigo County School Corporation is continuing with its plans to close Crawford,  the final decision is no longer in the hands of the school corporation, but rather will be decided by the courts.  On April 26, three Crawford families filed a complaint in Vigo County Circuit Court.  They are asking for a temporary and permanent injunction to block the school’s closing.  A hearing was originally set for June 12, but a delay was granted at the request of the school corporation.  Judge Dexter L. Bolin, Jr. will be setting a new hearing date, most likely in July.
We still believe this is a battle that can be won.  Please give us your support.  Several FGHD members and residents have already donated to the Crawford Children’s Legal Defense Fund, and we welcome further contributions.
Hope to see you while walking around the Grove.

Thanks for caring,
Mike Misovich

2nd Annual FGHD Garden Tour

DATE: Sunday, June  16, 2002 
TIME: 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
COST: $5.00 per person

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual FGHD Garden Tour to be held on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16. In addition to experiencing the beauty of six neighborhood gardens, you’ll be able to view sculptures, art work, and crafts, including some which will be available for sale.  Many activities for children are planned — face painting, bubbles, caricatures — so bring your entire family!
See the feature article beginning on page 2 for more information including locations.  Hope to see you there on June 16!

Historical Society Happenings
By Barbara Carney

Hope you have had the opportunity to see the newly restored Paul Dresser Birthplace at the entrance to Fairbanks Park since it was reopened with an Open House on Saturday, May 11.  Extensive work has been done during this past winter to give the Dresser House its original look.  The Vigo County Historical Society was given a grant of $55,000 by the Wabash River Corridor Commission, and administered by the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Indiana.  In order to receive this grant, a portion needed to be raised by the Society.  This was accomplished by generous contributions from our patrons.
There’s still time to see one of the Museum’s prettiest exhibits, “Here Comes the Bride.”  It opened on Friday, February 1st, with a glorious display of bridal fashions awaiting the attention of viewers.  Spanning nearly one hundred and fifty years of wedding fashions, the earliest gown displayed was worn in the 1870s.  All are truly beautiful and varied, an array of satin, lace, tulle, and even the finest knit.  Most of the wedding gowns shown were worn by Terre Haute brides, and some have photographs or newspaper announcements accompanying them.
Along with the gowns are bridesmaid dresses, elegant costumes worn by the mother of the bride and groom, traveling attire, wedding accessories and suggested gifts.  The groom has not been forgotten as several tuxedos are included.
This exhibit is sure to delight, so please make it a point to stop at the Historical Museum, where the exhibit will be on display until mid June.
For more information on Historical Society activities, please call 235-9717.  The Vigo County Historical Society is open each afternoon, except Monday, from 1:00 to 4:00.

2nd Annual Garden Tour
“Art in the Garden”

The second annual “Art in the Garden” garden tour will be held on Father’s Day, June 16 th and will feature the selected beautiful spring gardens of Farrington’s Grove Historical District.  This year’s garden tour will include family activities. Also highlighted will be local artists doing on-site paintings and drawings of the homes and gardens in the district.  Sculptures will be selected for some of the gardens and will be an added characteristic of the tour.  Family activities will include Face Painting, a Caricature Artist, a Animal Balloon Artist and a Bubble Fun Station. 
For the serious gardener and historian, FGHD has teamed up with the Holly Arboretum to do presentations about the traditional varieties of holly that have been growing in the district.   The “Art in the Garden” Tour will open at 1:00 p.m. and continue until 5:00 p.m. rain or shine.  Tickets to the event can be purchased at any garden on the tour, at the Vigo County Historical Museum at 6th and Washington, or at Arts Illiana headquarters, and are $5.00 per person, children under 18 are free.  For additional information call 232-5608.
We are also fortunate to have the assistance of Martha Schrader, Master Gardener, who will be visiting all the garden sites prior to the Garden Tour and identifying plants.  FGHD appreciates her willingness to volunteer her time to improve the quality and enjoyment of our Garden Tour.

The following gardens will be participating in the 2002 Garden Tour.
823 South 5th St. (Anne Lee)
The second oldest existing home in Farrington’s Grove  welcomes the visitor to a restful retreat that embodies the owner's love of gardening. Hosta, creeping myrtle, and an array of annuals enhance the features of this Greek Revival home. The park-like setting on the north side is surrounded by mature trees, magnolias, and other shrubs. Patios and walkways are secreted away, each revealing its own unique vista.
935 South Center St. (Sandra Blake and Michael Magnin)
This lovely garden was born in 1996 and incorporates English and Japanese garden design elements. The beautifully curved perennial beds are a showcase for lavender, daylilies, roses, columbine, salvia, and more. Contrasting textures of boxwood, ground cover, hydrangea, wisteria, and ornamental trees give this Italianate garden depth and variety. The garden plan encompasses the entire yard, including the deck, walks, patio, urns, fountains, and torches.  This garden is a delightful urban retreat.
1225 South Center Street (Steve Trueblood and Charlene Hutchcroft)
Following removal of the lawn ten years ago, a diverse, eclectic, texture garden was created to include vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.  Anchored by the cool hues of perennials, shrubs, and trees, a functional yet romantic vision guided the plant selection. The Japanese influence of the 1915 Arts and Crafts home is reflected in the garden. Tiles from the original slate roof provide unique ground cover. As the garden has matured, intimate spaces have become defined by shade.
411 Park St. (David Lewis)
This Greek Revival garden is situated at the oldest existing home in Farrington’s Grove. Prominently featured in the yard are German Linden trees planted by the original owner of the property in 1894.
Mr. Lewis has incorporated elements influenced by his travels to the Deep South. David's "Miracle Magnolia", so named because of its stamina, is a Southern Magnolia that is not hardy north of the Ohio River. This thirty foot tall specimen has survived despite many harsh winters. Many tender potted plants are featured throughout the garden, such as tender crape myrtles, citrus trees, and tropical shrubs such as Allamanda "Golden Trumpet" and Tibouchina.
825 South 5th St. (Mabel Robertson)
Mrs. Robertson's elegant garden features flowing urns, statues, and lined walkways. Sinuously curved beds draw one effortlessly to the back garden. A bastion of shade trees, perennials and ground cover graciously invites you to sit and relax. The perimeter of flowering trees and shrubs embrace visitors, shielding them from all distractions. Antique fencing provides the perfect accent to this Queen Anne home.
815 South 6th St. (Ramon and Betty Meyer)
A moss-covered rock wall welcomes you to this English cottage. True to the architecture, stone pathways meander throughout this garden featuring ferns, coreopsis, sedum, coral bells, service berry, rhododendron, azalea, and euonymus. Clematis flow over trellises as annuals pop with color from terra cotta pots and hangers. Begun in 1972, this garden strikes a harmonious balance between country and urban life. 

Court to Decide
Crawford School Issue
FGHD Members Support Crawford Parents

(Details of the actions taken prior to April 22, 2002 to save Crawford Elementary School, the only school located within Farrington’s Grove Historical District, can be found in the April, 2002 FGHD newsletter.  A summary of the major incidents can be found in the timeline at the end of this article.)
On April 22, FGHD board members attended the Vigo County School Board meeting and spoke during the citizen comment period for the eighth consecutive time.  FGHD president Mike Misovich addressed the board regarding an agenda item on the revision of Parent Involvement Policy KMAA, including the following comments:
“What is the point of enacting a Policy when the school corporation takes actions which are contrary to the Policy in practice?  For example, on January 14, 2002, a number of parents of students at Crawford School spoke before this board.  They stated that the closing of the school and transfer of their children to Farrington Grove and Sugar Grove would decrease or eliminate their ability to actively participate in activities in support of their children's education.  Ms. Mell and I noticed in the most recent Performance Based Accreditation report from Crawford School, which Principal Hawkins graciously provided us, that the report showed a 98 percent participation rate in parent-teacher conferences at Crawford.
Policy KMAA is like motherhood and apple pie.  How could anyone disagree with it?  But how can you have apple pie when you keep cutting down the apple trees!”
Despite repeated appearances over three months and statements by Misovich, Georgia Mell, George Amies, Amy Amies, attorney Bob Hellmann, and many other FGHD members and residents, no action was taken by the school board to reverse its January 14 vote to close Crawford School.  On April 26, action was taken by a group of Crawford parents to remove the question from the control of the Vigo County School Corporation and place it under the jurisdiction of the legal system.
Attorney Bob Hellmann filed a complaint in Vigo County Circuit Court on behalf of three Crawford second-graders and their families.  Two of the families reside in Farrington’s Grove Historical District.  The plaintiffs are Linda Rhuebottom on behalf of her daughter, Danyale Huey, Sherri Pruitt on behalf of her daughter, Samantha Washburn, and Lori Martin on behalf of her daughter, Victoria Martin.  The complaint asks for a temporary and permanent injunction to block the school’s closing based upon two counts.
In the first count, it alleges the school corporation did not comply with Indiana Public Law 221, which calls for the school principal to develop a initial three-year strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan, with input from a committee including administrators, teachers, parents, and community and business leaders.  Instead, the school board adopted an educational plan developed by  school corporation administrators that closed Crawford and redistricted its students to four schools.  The complaint alleges, “The educational progress and opportunity of plaintiff children will be irreparably harmed with the implementation of the Administrators’ plan.”
In the second count, the complaint states that the closing will substantially diminish parents’ ability to participate in school affairs and influence the school’s response to the educational needs of the children.  According to the complaint, “There is a gerrymander of school attendance districts calculated to redistribute children to be served under Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act … for the benefit of the Vigo County School Corp. and to the substantial detriment of plaintiff children and their parents.”
Although no FGHD members are involved as plaintiffs, several continue to support the parents with financial and organizational assistance.  On April 27 and 28, FGHD participated in the Downtown ArtsFest.  (Our booth was ironically located on the grounds of the Vigo County School Corporation parking lot!)  During the event, board members George Amies and Georgia Mell distributed flyers representing the opinion of Crawford School parents and  FGHD members that the decision to close Crawford this year and Warren Elementary two years ago
Hurt Children!
Hurt Neighborhoods!
Cost Money!
The flyers solicited donations for the Crawford Children’s Legal Defense Fund.  One local businessman approached the FGHD booth, asked if this was the place to make donations for Crawford, and proceeded to place five $100 bills in the container!
On April 28, an open house for the community was held  from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Crawford.  The theme “Honor the Past, Embrace the Future” was billed as a time to honor the past of Crawford.  On the sidewalk approaching the school,  FGHD members George Amies and Mike Misovich greeted visitors with chants of “Support Crawford Parents!” and “Crawford 2003!” as they distributed copies of the flyers and six dozen t-shirts with a bear cub logo and the message, “Crawford Cubs 2003 — We Believe!”  School Board member Al Hamblen, one of the five board members who voted to close the school on January 14, actually posed for a photo holding up one of the shirts!  During television coverage of the open house on WTWO-TV that same evening, a closeup shot focused on an audience member wearing one of the shirts.

Events in the Battle to Save Crawford School

November 5: FGHD board unanimously passes resolution opposing the closing of Crawford.
November 15: President Misovich meets with Crawford parent Georgia Mell.
November 19: Misovich meets with Crawford School PTO.
November 28: Terre Haute Tribune-Star article discusses FGHD opposition to Crawford closing.
November 30:  WTWO-TV airs live interview with Misovich discussing Crawford’s importance to the community.
December 3: “Hands Around Crawford” parents Georgia Mell and Clayton Sparks attend FGHD board meeting.
December 6: Misovich meets with VCSC Superintendent Dan Tanoos and other administrators.
December 10: WTHI-TV airs live interview with Misovich on “School Zone” report.
December 10: Misovich and George Amies address the school board during citizen comment.
December 13: VCSC releases “Crawford School Study.”
January 1: Misovich, Mell, George Amies, and Amy Amies meet with attorney Bob Hellmann to plan strategy.
January 7: Parents Georgia Mell and Kamala Brown-Sparks attend FGHD board meeting; board votes unanimously to provide financial grant to “Hands Around Crawford.” 
January 13:  Misovich and Mell appear in live interviews on both WTWO-TV and WTHI-TV.
January 14: Six FGHD members are among 20 Crawford supporters speaking before school board during citizen comment, but board votes 5-2 to close the school.
January 23:  VCSC releases estimates for building projects at three elementary schools, averaging $46,500 per student compared to $34,200 per student for the renovation of Crawford according to “Crawford School Study.”
January 28:  Misovich, Mell, and Amies speak during Citizen Comment at school board meeting; Amies distributes “Vigo County Elementary School Profiles” in attractive binding.
February 11: Misovich, Mell, George Amies, and Amy Amies speak during Citizen Comment at school board meeting; attorney Bob Hellmann presents statistical evidence of decline in student performance since VCSC closed Warren Elementary in June, 2000.
February 18:  Mell elected to fill vacancy on FGHD board as its first stakeholder director.
February 25: Misovich, Mell, George Amies, Amy Amies, and Anne Lee speak during Citizen Comment at school board meeting; Misovich and Mell  distribute 47-page report  “Warren Elementary Transfer Study” documenting negative effects of most recent precedent for Crawford closing, the closing of Warren Elementary in 2000.
March 11:  Misovich, George Amies, and Amy Amies speak during Citizen Comment at school board meeting; 2000 U.S. Census data presented to contradict school administration contention that Crawford enrollment would continue to decline.
April 8:  Misovich and George Amies speak during Citizen Comment at school board meeting; Misovich continues to question why Crawford was closed when the school corporation’s own data showed it cheaper to renovate than to replace other schools in the Facilities Proposal.
April 22:  Misovich speaks during Citizen Comment at school board meeting; questions the practical application of Parent Involvement Policy.
April 26:  Three Crawford families file complaint in Vigo County Circuit Court, asking for temporary and permanent injunction against school closing.
April 27-28: FGHD members distribute flyers and t-shirts at Downtown ArtsFest and Crawford Community Open House.
May 24: Attorney Bob Hellmann,  representing plaintiffs, files amended complaint.
May 28:  Vigo County Superior Court Judge Dexter L. Bolin Jr. grants amendment.
May 31:  Judge Bolin grants VCSC an extra week — until June 19 — to respond, and postpones hearing date “until further notice.”
May 31:  Children leave Crawford for the last time … or do they?

Our Beloved Crawford School -- 
The ONLY Public School in Farrington's Grove

Vigo County School Board member Al Hamblen poses with a t-shirt supporting the school at the Crawford Community Open House on April 28, 2002

Crawford kids need your support
Donations Accepted for Legal Defense Fund

What is the community worth to you? Let's make sure that VCSC knows how dedicated we are to keeping our neighborhood school open. 
If you are interested in contributing to the Crawford Children's Legal Defense Fund, make your check payable to Bob Hellmann.  Be sure to write in the memo area that it is for the Crawford Children's Legal Defense Fund and mail it to:

Bob Hellmann
30 N. 7th St. #101
Terre Haute, IN  47807

Crawford families thank you for your emotional and financial support. 
As of June 1, 2002, donations and pledges totaling $5,300 have been received, so we are more than halfway to the goal of $10,000 needed for legal services and research, court costs, expert witnesses, and other expenses.

FGHD Website is Moving

The FGHD website is moving from its current location at http://home.earthlink.net/~ammisov/fghd.htm to a new location at www.farringtonsgrove.com
Don’t forget to update your bookmarks or favorites list with the new address.  If you have comments or ideas for the website, please contact Mike Misovich at 478-2314 or George Amies at 238-9190.

Thank You to Our Newest Corporate Members

FGHD expresses its appreciation to the following individuals and businesses whose support helps make our activities possible.  Thank you for your support of historic preservation and for caring about our neighborhood.

  • Wagner, Crawford, Gambill & Trout
In addition to her membership contribution, Mary Hannum is contributing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of tablecloths to FGHD.  Please consider ordering one of these attractive decorations.  We also thank her for her contribution from the sale of door wreaths which were advertised in the April, 2002 newsletter.
Thank you to all members of FGHD who support us financially, and to residents who participate in our activities. 

Stateline College Arts

This 2002 Summer, you can have a 
Farrington’s Grove Red White & Blue Tablecloth 4 1/2 feet by 7 feet,
From my artistic house 
at 1118 South Center Street
Tablecloth will have FGHD initials

See and purchase tablecloths 
July 6th and 13th 
At our home on Center Street

Cost is $17.00
(With $5.00 contribution to FGHD for each)
Please order by calling 440-826-4580

Mary & Ned Hannum

Only 15 Available



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Please mail this form and check to FGHD, Inc., P.O. Box 322, Terre Haute, IN 47808
Membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.  Please join or renew now for the 2002 membership year.

          $   100.00 2001 Benefactor Membership — Includes FGHD and Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana memberships and four (4) tickets for FGHD’s Holiday Home Tour
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Thank you to all our members whose financial support supports our mission to guide and promote the preservation and restoration of the Farrington’s Grove Historical District.  (Names in *bold denote benefactors.)
The mystery of the missing memberships has been solved!  A batch of mail sent to FGHD in early December was misplaced by the post office and not discovered till early May.  Once again, we apologize to all members who were inconvenienced by this confusion.  Treasurer Harriet McNeal will be contacting all the affected individuals to advise them of the status of their checks.  If your name does not appear below, we do not have a record of your current membership.  This means that you have not sent a membership application since October 1, 2001.  Please renew by mail using the application on the reverse side of this page, or at the Garden Tour on June 16.

Aker, Randall
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