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Farrington's Grove
Historical District,
P.O. Box 322
Terre Haute, IN 47808

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Introduction, Location, and General History

Encompassing an area roughly from 4th Street to 7th Street and from Poplar Street to Hulman Street, Farrington's Grove is the oldest surviving neighborhood in Terre Haute. The district exhibits a variety of architectural styles and includes elegant nineteenth and twentieth century houses, workers' cottages, some twentieth century apartment buildings, and a few churches, schools, and public buildings. 

Farrington's Grove was first settled in 1841 by James Farrington, an attorney, state senator, bank president, and associate in the pork packing firm of H.D. Williams and Company. Near his home, "Woodlawn," was a grove of trees where local residents gathered for picnics, barbeques, 4th of July celebrations, and to hear political speeches. Today's historical district takes its name from this gathering place.

The first formal meeting of Farrington's Grove Historical District, Inc., was organized in 1976 under the sponsorship of the Terre Haute Redevelopment Department. The purpose was to form a neighborhood program to raise the standard of housing through restoration and improved maintenance. The interest in the area was sparked by walking tours and neighborhood involvement. In the spring of 1986, Farrington's Grove became the first residential neighborhood in Terre Haute to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

(Source: "Farrington's Grove Walking Tour 1986," pamphlet in the collection of the Vigo County Historical Society, Terre Haute, IN)

Houses of Farrington's Grove
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1327 South Sixth Street

1327 South Sixth Street
Built: 1920
Style: Neo-Classical

Built by F. Macy Cogwill, and purchased by Anton ("Tony") and Mary Hulman in 1930, when it became their residence. Mr. Hulman owned the Indianapolis 500 and was responsible for making it a world class racing center.
1503 South Sixth Street

1503 South Sixth Street
Built: 1895
Style: Queen Anne

Built by Herbert E. Madison, it became the home of Chapman Root. The Root Glass Company created the Coca Cola bottle in 1915. The tower (pictured) was built for a shady porch to look over Strawberry Hill.
1515 South Sixth Street

1515 South Sixth Street
Built: c.1930
Style: English Cottage

A large example of this style, which was popular during the 1920s. A number of well-preserved English Cottages are among the newer homes in Farrington's Grove.
1601 South Sixth Street

1601 South Sixth Street
Built: 1905
Style: Flemish Bond

A beautiful brick home with an attractive and unusual curved wraparound porch.
1414 South Sixth Street

1414 South Sixth Street
Built: 1910
Style: Prairie/Arts & Crafts

Farrington's Grove has a number of homes in these styles, built mainly during the first two decades of the 20th Century.

900-04 South Fourth Street
Built: 1849
Style: Greek Revival

Farrington's Grove's oldest home is one of its few examples of Greek Revival architecture.  The house was originally located on Sixth Street and was moved to its current location.  Legend has it that the home was cut in half to be moved.

824 South Fifth Street
Built: 1874
Style: Italianate

Believed to have been built by Samuel Potter between 1869 and 1874, this home's first occupant was by Indiana businessman, Republican state politician, and Union Army Colonel George Kirkpatrick Steele.  Later owner Frederick Benson was a prominent industrialist, and his estate helped to establish or sustain such charitable organizations as the YWCA and YMCA, Boy’s Club, American Red Cross, United Way, and two local hospitals.

1200 South Sixth Street
Built: 1928
Style: Colonial Revival

This home was built by Homer Talley, who along with his two brothers operated numerous coal mines in west central Indiana.  The house was designed by the prominent local architectural firm of Johnson, Miller, Miller, and Yeager and features an exterior cladding of Pennsylvania fieldstone, handpicked by the Talleys and hauled to Terre Haute by railroad boxcar.
FGHD Mission Statement

To guide and promote the preservation and restoration of the Farrington's Grove Historical District in order to:
(a) ensure and protect its cultural and architectural integrity;
(b) limit incompatible uses
(c) encourage community fellowship and neighborhood awareness; and
(d) prevent increased population density

Upcoming Events

Note: Board meetings are typically held the 1st or 2nd Monday of each month.

Sunday, June 16, 2nd Annual FGHD Garden Tour, "Art in the Garden," 1:00 to 5:00 pm, various neighborhood locations.

Membership Information

$30.00 -- 2002 Patron Membership -- Includes FGHD and Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana memberships and two (2) tickets for FGHD's Holiday Home Tour

$15.00 -- 2002 Membership -- Includes FGHD and Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana memberships

To join, send name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, and email address along with check to FGHD, Inc., P.O. Box 322, Terre Haute, IN 47808

2001 FGHD Board Members
Michael Misovich  President  630 Putnam Street  478-2314  ammisov@earthlink.net
Melony Sacopulos  Vice President 1327 S 6th Street  232-5608  oprsacop@amber.indstate.edu
Georgia Mell Secretary 818 S 8th Street 232-3297 waya_usdi@hotmail.com
Harriet McNeal  Treasurer 825 S 7th Street 235-9362 armcneal@ruby.indstate.edu
Richard Antonak  824 S 5th Street  235-5333  rantonak@indstate.edu
Chris Antonak  Holiday Home Tour 824 S 5th Street  235-5333  chrisantonak@hotmail.com
Jackie Carrell  Family Learning Day 812 S 5th Street  231-1185 mjcarrell@aol.com
Michael Carrell  812 S 5th Street  231-1185  MCarrell@cfindustries.com
Craig Ketner  Program/Speaker 824 S 4th Street  235-6716 cketner@aol.com
Anne Lee  823 S 5th Street  232-8846 annelee90@aol.com
George Amies Website 1215 S Center Street 232-6697 amies@hgdigital.com
Amy Amies 1215 S Center Street 232-6697 pubamies@amber.indstate.edu

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