Ethiopian Flag
Ethiopian Flag
The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, Local No. 16, Inc., Emperor Yekuno Amlak is located in Seattle, Washington, in the northwest area of the United States.  We give all praises to His Majesty for the Ethiopian World Federation, and for helping us develop another local of this great organization.  Ras Tafari Liveth!!  Hail Up, Seattle . . .
One of the first meetings in Seattle with Ras Raven, Ras Jah Breeze, and Ras Untunga Members of Local No. 16 participated in the annual Martin Luther King peace march in February, 2004, Seattle At the 2004 Ethiopian World Federation Convention in New York

Current Events

Many activities continue to take place.  The Reggae Bubblers honored the local on October 31, 2013, at the Cafe Ibex Reggae Room in Seattle.  Once Local No. 16 celebrated Black History Month with Midnite, the unforgettable Mutabaruka and other non profit groups, such as the People of Color Against AIDS Network. In June 11, 2004, Local No. 16 members commemmorated the 50th year anniversary of Haile Selassie I's visit to the United States in 1954 by hosting a special GOLDEN JUBILEE Celebration with Clinton Fearon and The Boogie Brown Band.   At one time, Local No. 16 celebrated the 74th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen in Ethiopia.  A current project being worked on is the publishing of the Voice of Ethiopia.  For now, we share some of our reasonings through the The Voice of Amlak.  Plus! See Photo Exhibit

Members in Seattle also include Winston Jarrett, Ras Indio from Belize, and Danny Ital. We also help promote the activities of Jah Breeze, Gondwana, Junior P, Dub Lounge International, and Experience Music Project.   Other friends include Zoanet from Ivory Coast. 

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