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Emperor Haile I Selassie I 
Jah Ras Tafari
The Ethiopian World Federation Inc. was established in 1937 in New York.
The Ras Makonnen Local No. 5 is the first local of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.
on St. Croix , United States Virgin Islands.
The St. Tekla Haymanot Local No. 15 is in St. Christopher and Nevis (also known asSt. Kitts), a two island nation in the Caribbean.
The EWF Emperor Yekuno Amlak Local No. 16, Inc. is in 
Seattle, Washington (Current Events)



The Ras Makonnen Local No. 5 opened its doors in St. Croix in the year 2000.  Now the local has over fifty Members .  Presently, the local sells arts, crafts, and others items at its main location.  Members are also farming one or two acres of land.  Members of other EWF locals are always welcome to visit St. Croix.

Rasta and others can also learn more by checking out this
link for learningand reason at Rastafari Speaks.

"Never in history have so many leaders of diverse nations assembled in one place, at the same time, for a purpose so simple yet so vital and for a need so common yet so distinctive.  The common need is our collective survival in peace, justice, equality, mutual respect, and material abundance for all, including the world's under-privileged.  We must have come here to endeavor also to seek in concert ways and means as to how best to strengthen this Organization for the realization of our collective need.  This is indeed a moment of supreme challenge, an immense opportunity." Haile I Selassie I speaking at a meeting of the United Nations


"Each man must repay what he has received from his country.  The educated man possesses a precious asset, of infinite value both to himself and the nation."  Haile I Selassie I on Capacity to Achieve


"Contrary to certain notions that the preservation of world peace is the exclusive preserve of the great powers, the question of peace or war, because it involves the survival of humanity, is one that is intimately and vitally connected with all the peoples of the world.  All the peoples of the world, therefore, should make greater efforts to enable those powers that are more immediately concerned with the maintenance of peace to arrive at some plan that will guarantee harmony as the basis for preserving world peace."  Haile I Selassie I on modern Ethiopianism

The Africa Union Organization has replaced the Organization of African Unity, originally established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1963. As members of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. we follow closely the activities of this organization.  The works of our Imperial Majesty Haile I Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, will prevail.

"Life is full of trials and tribulations and man in his struggle to survive and guide his own destiny has to be prepared to meet its many challenges, particularly in our modern world.  Education can harness man's immense potential and enable him to be better equipped in his life-long pursuit so that he can utilise his strength and intellect to the highest use.  Mankind has benefited from this through the ages."  Haile I Selassie I at Asmara University

"Knowledge is a treasure that must be grasped and which none can confiscate, it is a diamond without price which prevents the breaking of heaven's decrees and preserves from the path to destruction.  Knowledge allows you to inherit the Kingdom of Jah  . . ." Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

"We here are all dedicated to the betterment of the conditions of man's life; we all know the sorrows and misery of those who do not live but merely exist, the lot of men whose living conditions are sub-standard.  But when we speak of the betterment of man's life, we mean not merely the economic improvement of living standards.  We refer, in addition, to the spiritual condition in which man lives, for just as a man without means to feed his hunger and to clothe his nakedness can take no pride in his existence as a human being, so, also is one who is reviled and discriminated against because of his race or religion, robbed of his self-respect and human dignity."  Haile Selassie on Complete Responsibility for Africans,
Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

"All Ethiopians, of whatever generation, are endowed with the same inherent abilities and talents, although the accomplishments may vary from man to man and from generation to generation in accordance with the opportunities presented to them.  Those today who complain that Ethiopia has not progressed enough fail to appreciate the magnitude of the problems which have confronted the nation in the past and the difficulties with which we still grapple today."  Haile I Selassie I

"We know that the learning of the ages and the teachings of wise men who have lived throughout the history of the world must no longer be denied to large numbers of the population of the earth."  Haile Selassie on Sharing, Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First 

"Our efforts have not been directed solely to the education advancement of Ethiopians; We have, as well, not been unmindful that all of us must share in the responsibility for the education of all of our African brothers." Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

Ras Untunga and Ras Tashba at St. Croix Agricultural Fair"There is no person in this world who is free from life's responsibility."  Haile Selassie on Training, Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First 
"We pray to the Almighty that He may spare Us to complete this crowning achievement of our life as a monument for those generations that are awaiting impatiently on the threshold of existence."  Haile Selassie on Talent Available, Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

"Humanity by nature is gifted to think freely, but in order that his free thought should lead him to the goal of liberty and Independence, his way of thinking must be shaped by the process of education.  It is understood that the independence of mind created by education individually will have as a result the creation of an independently minded nation." Haile Selassie on Education, Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

"Ethiopians are proud of the three thousand years of their recorded history, as well they may be.  We are proud of what has been achieved during OUR REIGN , and we thank Jah for it." Haile Selassie, Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

"On March 2, 1896, the Italians embarked on the final European conquest of an African nation, Ethiopia.  With brilliant military intelligence and gallant generals at the helm, the Ethiopians willed their way to triumph over the Italians at the Battle of Adwa.  The event ignited a lasting flame of hope in the hearts of Africans throughout the world."

ADWA by Haile Gerima

"It is the duty of everyone to strive for self-sufficiency by acquiring knowledge and experience.  To live always in dependence upon the assistance of others not only prevents a people from attaining its ideal, but also deprives life of its true significance and achievement."  Haile Selassie on Trade Agreement, from Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First

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