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From the city of the St. Louis Arch.
Where the rainbow begins & ends.
A shimmering silver triumph of stainless steel,
reflecting cavelcades of colors and images.

© 2000 B. Scharp

Christmas / Holiday Party
Friday, December 3
~~   7pm-9pm @   ~~  
Ponderosa Steak House

NEW brief

   Meetings are now being held at Bob and Diana Scharp's house. Call for directions, or look at the map in the newsletter or on this web page.

 Larry Smith kindly donated all his Amiga items to the club. We will be selling them at the Sept 5 meeting. Don't miss out. All sales are final. Sorry, no warranties, no returns or refunds.


Ami-opoly © 2000, Gateway Amiga Club, Inc.

Ami-opoly© the game premiered at the Amiga2001 show. That's right, the board game is finished and available for purchase at local dealers. This exciting game, based upon the history of Amiga Computers is sure to facsinate the whole family. We've done our best to put every bit of AMIGA® lore into Ami-opoly© the board game. GURU meditation errors and all. So don't be left out, order your's today. Click on the Ami-opoly link above. Only $25 for a piece of fun that will teach you the history of Amiga while you're having a ball.

Now you can purchase extra parts, money, cards, chips and special round amiga dice. Ask your dealer for the "Ami-opoly Extras kit". It's only $10 retail. If you don't have a local dealer, check the web by doing a search for "ami-opoly" under amiga. You should be able to find a link to our club selling these exciting games on-line via a members site. Shipping and handling are extra when purchasing on the web.

Amigan-St. Louis
c/o Ami-opoly
PO Box 672
Bridgeton, MO 63044

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