Please Press Here To Leave A Message To America's Veterans
A Picture Tour of a Vietnamese Peasant-Farming Village
"Dear Vietnam Veteran" Letter
Charlton Heston's Tribute to Vietnam Veterans
Please press here to listen to Eric Horner's song
and his special guest singer
Americans Working Together For The Truth
About The Vietnam War
An Open Letter To America & Hollywood
To Hear The Truth
The Duc Duc, Vietnam Massacre
Some Details About The Hue City Massacre
LIFE MAGAZINE Article on the Combined Action Program (CAP)
America's First Vietnam Veteran Memorial
Memorial of Honor
Pictures of some of America's Bravest
American Civil Actions in Vietnam
Vietnam Veteran, Colonel (Ret.) Bruce B. G. Clarke
Expendable Warriors - The Untold Story of Khe Sanh
VFW - New Jersey District 21
Sussex County, NJ
Korean War 50th Anniversary
The 9-11 Message To America
Stop Hollywood's Negative Portrayal of Vietnam Veterans
Chuck Price's Song "At The Wall"
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
District 21
Korean War 50th Anniversary - Delphi Forum
A place to learn and teach about the Korean War. A meeting place for Korean War Veterans, other Veterans and appreciative Americans. The Forum is also open to any Citizen of the World, who loves their own country, but appreciates America's military veterans. A "special invitation" goes out to the People of Korea.
Top Veteran Websites
The Final Mission Of The Vietnam War,
The "Welcome Home."
Vietnam Veterans Day
To: U.S.Congress
The Brothers of Nam wish to declare May 7, beginning in 2003, as Vietnam Veteran Recognition Day. Our intent is to have a day to honor all Vietnam Veterans for their service to our country. We would like "Welcome Home" to be the slogan for this celebratory day. We feel that a day of this kind is long over due and would like others to join our cause by signing this petition. Please show your support of these neglected heroes by giving them the homecoming they deserved long ago. Sign our petition today.
"Welcome Home" a Veteran Today
Thank a Vet Today
Welcome Home Day
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