The Marine Corps' Combined Action Program in Vietnam was an important contribution to U.S. counterinsurgency efforts- a technique worth remembering- but it wasn't easy duty.
The piece below is Major Jennings article on CAP November 3 which was later renamed CAP 2-9-2.

This CAP Team was located in the village of Phu Da, Vietnam. The peasant-farming village is also known as the Duc Duc Resettlement Village.

Americans lived and served in Duc Duc for a number of years. It was slaughtered by the Communists in March 1971. Seven months after the Americans were pulled out due to President Nixon's troop withdraw.

The reason why this village was burned to the ground can only be speculated. However, after reading this article, many may feel that these Vietnamese peasants were slaughtered because they supported their American friends.
Duc Duc, Vietnam Massacre
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Duc Duc, Vietnam Massacre
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