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Haiku Reflections

Silent Tears

Silent tears are swept,
Like leaves in autumn breezes,
Into winter rain.

Frozen flowers lay still,
Hoping Love's warmth will find them,
And once more, they'll bloom.

Amber eyes touch mine,
And my lips tremble, longing
To taste your sweet kiss.

Early Sunlight

Early sunlight smiles;
Blue emerald hills welcome a
Shenandoah morning.

A gentle breeze blows.
Golden embers dance within
the lace of you hair.

Tiny hummingbird,
What will you see on your way
through fields of red flowers?

Sweet scents of jasmine
float along the paths we walk
through soft, springtime rain.

Sparkling star-filled sky,
Embracing us in darkness
as you lay next to me.

Bright skies filled with clouds
as distant thunder warned us
of the coming storm.

Smoke shrouds darkened hills.
In flaming, blood-red sunsets,
Souls fade, one by one.

Warm winds of summer
stir the quiet memory
of love we once shared.

Snow falls peacefully,
blanketing the winter ground
where you lay sleeping.

Day drifts into night,
Through the mist of timelessness,
I still see your face.

Pale Horses

Pretty women smile.
Stand proud as your son carries
His father's saber.

True servants of God,
Obey this Divine Command:
Sacrifice the ram.

Pity Abraham.
Men who know no better than to
Slay your own sons.

Bright billowing sails.
Pride and glory set adrift
On a dark red sea.

Eager young hands reach;
Die for the right to carry
St. Andrew's torn cross.

"Terrible swift sword",
Satan's blackened corridors
Have opened for you.

Frost covers the ground.
Tears falling from sightless eyes
Freeze on cold faces.

Ashes turn to snow.
Colored banners fade to white
Beneath smoke-clouded skies.

Silent April dawn;
Blue and Gray rest side by side
In fields of flowers.

Bare feet, numb with cold,
Step over a mud-soaked flag.
Footprints fill with rain.

March in single file.
Hollow eyes stare straight ahead,
Into the darkness.

Quiet evening storm;
Gentle autumn breezes kiss
Your sorrow-streaked face.

Noble Sacred Cause;
Behold what remains of your
Beloved country.

Soft, sad willows weep;
Men on pale horses ride
Through Virginia hills.

Boys play soldier games.
Look away as they reach for their
Grandfathers' sabers.

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