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Lonesome Dove Haiku


Wild autumn geese
Arrows soaring weightlessly
Point toward Southern skies.

Shadows spread slowly.
I watch the evening linger
Between mountain peaks.

Breezes through willows.
Sometimes on warm summer nights
I hear your laughter.

Quiet summer moon
Remembering our first kiss,
Hides its sad beauty.

Empty whisky glass.
Midnight drifts in unnoticed.
A candle flickers.

From my balcony
A silvery dawn appears.
Mine for a moment.

Day of the Dead

You light a candle.
Promises and sweet lies smile
In your amber eyes.

Damn you, Clay Mosby.
Damn your melancholy heart
And your empty soul.

Like a lonesome dove,
Some men belong to no one.
Not even themselves.


Beg me for your life.
Ask me for my forgiveness
And your salvation.

Look down the barrel.
Watch you courage disappear
Into death’s shadows.

Pride chokes in the dust,
Crawling, crying like a child.
Now you live with that.


Narrow, muddy roads
Paved with mighty ambition
And innocent blood.

Bright white fiery sky.
Wasn’t it so glorious
Just for an instant….

See the dove flying
High above your copper cave
Beyond redemption.


Feather-light, like lace,
Snowflakes drift and dance like stars
Through crystal night skies.

Gray Montana dawn,
Not even Springtime sunlight
Can warm your cold heart.

Dark eyes and soft smile --
Charm conceals the danger there,
Anger hides the tears.

Faded years cannot
Steal the memory of love
I once felt for you.

Just now, your music
Echoed softly through my heart.
Some songs need no words.

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