Roberta Stuemke
Author Introduction

Iíve been writing as a hobby since second grade, including stories based on Wagon Train, Big Valley, Virginian, and Lancer, but no one outside my family ever read any of it. Actually, I thought writing stories based on television series was somehow "wrong." Then, in 1977, after the release of "Star Wars," I discovered the world of media fandom, and a wonderful thing called FANZINES. Hurray! Other people wrote this stuff! Not only that, people printed this stuff, and other people were interested in reading it. I was in heaven.

I wrote for the print Ďzines throughout the 1980ís and early 1990ís. I wrote Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Battlestar:Galactica, Blakeís 7, Willow, SeaQuest, Space: Above and Beyond, Bordertown, and Paradise, as well as several pieces of original fantasy. Then, I started watching Lonesome Dove:The Outlaw Years, fell madly in love with Clay Mosby, and took my first tentative steps into the crazy world of cyber-fandom by joining the LD fanlist. Of course, I began writing LD fanfic, sending the stories first to the list and then having them published in print Ďzines, and finally posting them to the LD Archive.

But print Ďzines are fading somewhat these days, with the ever-increasing use of the Internet. Now, I have nothing seriously against cyber-fanfic, but there were certain things I missed from the print days: illustrations, editors, letters of comment columns, and so forth, so I kept hoping for a website that would offer some of those advantages. I pulled my LD stories from the archive to see if I could polish them up a bit, and then began communicating with Colleen. The Ambrosia Fanfic Club seems to offer pretty much what I was looking for, so I gratefully accepted her invitation to post my LD fic here.

Iím very much a character writer. Itís character development, character interaction, character motivations, that bring me to start writing a story. I like doing vignettes, to bridge those awkward gaps between episodes; I like exploring the development of characters beyond the end of a series or movie; and I LOVE exploring the past experiences that made a particular character into the person Iíve come to love (or hate, as the case may be). My goal is usually to keep the existing characters as close to canon as I can, having them develop in a way that is consistent with what the original creators gave us, but moving them in plot directions of my own creation.

I also like creating my own characters and having them interact with the existing ones, but again I try to keep things within the bounds of canon. For me, this is the greatest challenge in writing derivate fiction. As a result, I steer away from slash fiction, and try to use angst and hurt/comfort only as a natural consequence of plot action, rather than the primary activity in a story. Being an academic librarian, Iím not a supporter of censorship, so I have nothing against others writing (or reading) slash, angst, h/c, Mary Sue (self-insertion) or any other sub-genre of derivate fiction; I just donít feel at all inspired to write them myself. I also love discussing my stories with readers, so PLEASE send me your comments, questions, criticisms etc.

My primary fanfic interest these days is ER, but as that show is not-so-gradually destroying my favorite character, Luka Kovac, I'm drifting away. I'm being pulled back into the LD universe, and hope to begin writing some new stories soon. I hope you enjoy my stories, and I look forward to hearing from you about them. I think Colleen has done an incredible job with this site, and Iím very excited about my involvement with the Ambrosia Fanfic Club.

Hereís to the lady above the bar!
Roberta Stuemke

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