R Rating
Necessity Laura Barnette & Cathy Tenore Post Second Season Mosby and Call must each decide whether to follow his heart when Mattie heads to Miles City; Ted Breen's brothers come to Curtis Wells looking for Ted and a little revenge. The first ep in Cathy and Laura's third cyber-season. Contains violence. (41 pages)
8. Journey to Acceptance Craig Caff Post Second Season Call must face Captain Call and Victoria Brandt as he gets closer to Gretchen. m/f sexual situations.
9. Stand Tall the Women Craig Caff Post Second Season A young woman on the run seeks refuge and support from her husband. Violence, mild language, mature themes.
18. The Shame of Bethlehem Craig Caff Post Second Season Mosby, Shelby, Call, and others reveal their beliefs and prejudices when a situation repeats itself almost nineteen hundred years later. Violence, mild language, racial situations.
21. Stronger Than Moonshine Craig Caff Post Second Season An opportunity is presented for Mosby to finally secure the railroad as Call helps Luther out of a jam. m/f sexual situations, mild language.
23. Leave Your Guns at the Door Craig Caff Post Second Season A backstabbing attempt is planned during a dance put on by Clay Mosby. Olivia Jessup and Captain Woodrow Call guest star. m/f sex, violence, mild language.
28. Last Ride of Johnny Reb Craig Caff Post Second Season The unexpected arrival of ex-Quantrill Raiders halts Mosby's wedding, causing him to enlist assistance from his famous cousin, John Singleton Mosby, the Gray Ghost. Violence, m/f sexual situations.
29. Only Three in a Bed Craig Caff Post Second Season Lotta Crabtree appears on stage in Miles City. A snow storm causes unexpected situations. Mature themes.
35. The Runt Craig Caff Post Second Season Clay's wife organizes a ladies chapter of Curtis Wells -- resulting in trouble for Mosby and Call. Mild language, violence, mature themes.
58. It Comes With The Territory, Part 2 Craig Caff Post Second Season Conflict is the continuous theme and unexpected situations appear to change the direction of some things in this conclusion. Violence.
Craig Caff Alternate Universe A Season One series of events set into motion by Hannah's fateful decision to marry Clay instead of Newt. Includes a wide variety of familiar characters. Violence and sexual content. (29 pages)
Craig Caff Alternate Universe The Supposin' serial continues to an explosive conclusion. (43 pages)
Poetic Sensibilities Tieranny Poetry A collection of verses, most of which seem penned by FCM himself, including romantic sonnets, soulful haiku and playful limericks.
Honor Bound Sharon Uzarewicz First Season, Alternate Universe A "what if" scene for SNOWBOUND in which Hannah goes to Clay's room to enlist his aid for Newt and the town – and doesn't leave. (4 pages)
3. Blood Brothers Debbie Vega Post Second Season Callís bittersweet reunion with Mattie and her jealous beauís connection to a vicious gang lead to a life-altering confrontation. Rated R for violence. (39 pages)
4. The Associate Debbie Vega Post Second Season Mosby believes he has found the perfect subordinate when a young lawyer arrives in town. Call sinks further into despair because of the repercussions from his altercation with the Stanton gang. Rated R for violence. (44 pages)
5. All's Fair Debbie Vega Post Second Season Mosbyís plan to reopen the copper mine hits a snag. Amandaís partnership with Austin begins to unravel, but she finds a surprising new ally. Rated R for violence. (43 pages)
6. Fugitives Debbie Vega Post Second Season Arrested for a crime he didnít commit, Austin is forced to go on the run with a female outlaw. Call must race against time and a relentless bounty hunter to save his brother-in-law. Rated R for violence. (39 pages)
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