PG Rating
Grief Is the Price We Pay for Love Laura Barnette Post Second Season Ten years after "Love and War" Clay Mosby and Mattie Shaw are married, and raising a family. In this story, Clay helps his 8-year-old son deal with a difficult lesson in love and loss. Rated PG for animal death. (3 pages)
2. Never Trust A Reformed Outlaw Craig Caff Post Second Season Clay Mosby and Mason Dobbs team up to deal with a confidence artist attempting to cheat Mosby.
3. Ladies' Night Craig Caff Post Second Season Mattie returns as two Brandt Sisters try to save Call. (Miz Tieranny appears as a guest writer.)
4. Coyote's Magic Craig Caff Post Second Season Call must face his demons regarding his feelings toward Gretchen Brandt. Clay Mosby and Victoria Brandt plot to stop Call.
10. The Last Man on Earth Craig Caff Post Second Season The two least likely citizens of CW end up together in a desperate situation.
13. Lock, Stock and Barrel Craig Caff Post Second Season Call and Gretchen are married. Mosby is involved in an unexpected poker game.
26. Cupid's Crooked Arrow Craig Caff Post Second Season A Valentine's Day mishap for Clay Mosby. Trouble for the Calls.
56. Horsefly Craig Caff Post Second Season The arrival of two drummers and the Brandt sisters' cousins lead to confusion and problems for Clay Mosby.
The Leprechaun Story Joanne Long Humor A St. Patrick's Day classic. The moral of this tale is, beware of leprechauns bartering unlimited-shot six-shooters – nothing good can come of it! (14 pages)
Never Another Christmas Roberta Stuemke Prequel It's Christmas Eve of 1866, and in New Orleans, Robert Shelby spends the long night remembering Christmases past while watching over his best friend, Clay Mosby. Clay is buried in grief and guilt, and it's only too possible that he could kill himself.... (25 pages)
Sunday in the Country with Clay Roberta Stuemke Humor, Crossover Feeling the need for a break, Mosby takes a ride in the country, only to find himself helping a lost Mountie from Bordertown, and rescuing Call from some generic bad-guys-of-the-week. (11 pages)
Thoroughly Modern Montana Tieranny Humor A light-hearted look at our friends in Curtis Wells as they take their first uncertain steps into the computer age. (6 pages)
The Visit Sharon Uzarewicz Prequel As the war intensifies, a recently promoted Captain Mosby finds his growing responsibilities complicated by an unexpected visitor from home. (18 pages)
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