G Rating
Faded Soul Heather Post Second Season After sinking about as low as he can go, Call must finally face himself and decide what direction his life should take. Picks up where LOVE AND WAR leaves off. (3 pages)
Beginnings Heather Post Second Season Call goes back to where his journey into adulthood began – the Hat Creek Ranch – seeking a new start with his father and his life. (8 pages)
Bulletproof Corsets Joanne Long Humor The men of Curtis Wells practice safe gunfighting while also making a fashion statement. (5 pages)
The Bold and the Beautiful Brenda McFarland Humor, Crossover A very exclusive club, of which Clay Mosby is a member, holds its annual conference in Curtis Wells. Crossover with characters from Highlander; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Legends of the Fall; Hercules; and Magnificent Seven. (7 pages)
Will & Mosby at the Ambrosia Cafe Brenda McFarland Humor, Crossover Mosby finds himself the target of several lawsuits and holds a meeting with his new lawyer, Will Truman (Will & Grace), in the dining room of the Ambrosia Cafe while a Mosby Look-A-Like contest goes on upstairs. (6 pages)
A Degree of Redemption Roberta Stuemke Second Season Men, women, and children died in an explosion in the Mosby mine, and Mosby arrested Dooley; now he knows someone else set the explosives. Not only does he have to free Dooley, Mosby has to face his own culpability, just as he did during the war. (7 pages)
The Choice Roberta Stuemke Between Seasons Hannah Call is dead and buried, and desperation leads Clay Mosby to make a deal with Death: his life for hers. But will Hannah herself accept his sacrifice? (10 pages)
Consequences Roberta Stuemke Second Season Clay Mosby refused to give Peters the money he asked for, and Amanda and Mattie were kidnapped as a result. Now, in the rescue attempt, Mattie’s been shot, and Newt Call blames Mosby. (6 pages)
Forsaking All Others Roberta Stuemke First Season Struggling with her conscience the night after finding herself in Clay Mosby’s arms, Hannah Call must make a difficult choice: a man she is attracted to but doesn’t love, or fidelity to a husband she loves but who could very well be dead. (5 pages)
Reflections Roberta Stuemke Second Season Earl Hastings wanted revenge for his father’s death, and Mattie wants to know why. As Clay Mosby tells her about the wartime execution of Earl’s father, he has to face a few truths about himself as well. Is it time to lay aside his own desires for vengeance? (12 pages)
A Mosby Valentine Tieranny Humor A short piece -- part humor, part sentiment -- highlighting Clay's romantic side. (Co-written with several friends). (3 pages)
Echoes Tieranny Post Second Season Call embarks on a mission that could ensure survival for the Lakota nation. (18 pages)
Journey Tieranny Post Second Season Clay finds himself in a fight for his life against a hostile wilderness when a business trip goes horribly wrong. The struggle to survive, however, results in a journey of the spirit that leads him along a road less travelled. (40 pages)
Montana Tieranny Poetry In this poem about Clay Mosby, even the darkest night gives way to the light of a new day, and from remembrances of those who have been lost comes the strength to make a new beginning. (5 pages)
Time and the Lady Tieranny Post Second Season It's been nearly 20 years since Col. Francis Clay Mosby saw his wife, kissed her, and comforted her as he prepared to return to the war. Now he sits with pen and parchment to speak to her again and say goodbye to his Lady one last time. (4 pages)
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