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April 19, 2012: Another new post second season story by Tieranny has been added to the Reading Room. This one is a drama/humor combo called Winner Take All, in which Clay's attempt to impose his own version of "Taming of the Shrew" on Amanda provides him with an entirely new perspective. And, of course, our ever-artistic Miz T has included three illustrations for your further viewing enjoyment!

November 30, 2011: A new post second season story by Tieranny has been added to the Reading Room.

In Tieranny's Revenge trilogy, Clay Mosby has rebuilt himself from the ashes of ruinous defeat -- his life, his self-respect, and his pride. But a chance encounter with an old enemy propels him into a search for the justice that had been denied him and takes him on a quest where Revenge is the hunter and he is its prey.

Revenge 3: Passage is the last installment of the series, in which Clay comes to sometimes painful terms with the demons from his past and the hopes for his future.

As an added bonus, Tieranny has created new illustrations for all three stories in the trilogy!


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