Second Season
A Degree of Redemption G Roberta Stuemke Men, women, and children died in an explosion in the Mosby mine, and Mosby arrested Dooley; now he knows someone else set the explosives. Not only does he have to free Dooley, Mosby has to face his own culpability, just as he did during the war. (7 pages)
Consequences G Roberta Stuemke Clay Mosby refused to give Peters the money he asked for, and Amanda and Mattie were kidnapped as a result. Now, in the rescue attempt, Mattie’s been shot, and Newt Call blames Mosby. (6 pages)
Reflections G Roberta Stuemke Earl Hastings wanted revenge for his father’s death, and Mattie wants to know why. As Clay Mosby tells her about the wartime execution of Earl’s father, he has to face a few truths about himself as well. Is it time to lay aside his own desires for vengeance? (12 pages)
The Dance G Sharon Uzarewicz Clay and Selina (from BADLANDS) seize a regretfully brief moment together out of the ordinary course of their lives. (2 pages)
The Gate G Sharon Uzarewicz Clay's curiosity leads to an unusual encounter with Call. (2 pages)
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