Never Another Christmas PG Roberta Stuemke It's Christmas Eve of 1866, and in New Orleans, Robert Shelby spends the long night remembering Christmases past while watching over his best friend, Clay Mosby. Clay is buried in grief and guilt, and it's only too possible that he could kill himself.... (25 pages)
The Visit PG Sharon Uzarewicz As the war intensifies, a recently promoted Captain Mosby finds his growing responsibilities complicated by an unexpected visitor from home. (18 pages)
The Letters of Mary Clairmont Mosby G Sharon Uzarewicz Mary's correspondence with a lifelong friend reveals the private side of a youthful Clay and the love they grow into together. (2 pages so far)
Mosby in Love, Part I:
The Meeting
PG-13 Debbie Vega Young Francis Clay Mosby meets a girl named Mary and decides to make her fall in love with him just to pass the time. But things don’t go quite according to plan.... (42 pages)
Mosby in Love, Part II:
PG-13 Debbie Vega Clay’s lighthearted flirtation with Mary begins to blossom into true love. Will his romantic peccadilloes—past and present—threaten their happiness? (57 pages)
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