Post Second Season
Grief Is the Price We Pay for Love PG Laura Barnette Ten years after "Love and War" Clay Mosby and Mattie Shaw are married, and raising a family. In this story, Clay helps his 8-year-old son deal with a difficult lesson in love and loss. Rated PG for animal death. (3 pages)
Necessity R Laura Barnette & Cathy Tenore Mosby and Call must each decide whether to follow his heart when Mattie heads to Miles City; Ted Breen's brothers come to Curtis Wells looking for Ted and a little revenge. The first ep in Cathy and Laura's third cyber-season. Contains violence. (41 pages)
Introduction G Craig Caff A 3rd Season series of stories featuring the continuing adventures of Newt Call and Clay Mosby. All stories are approximately 18 pages long. Here is a brief description of four original characters and some backstory to get you started.
1. Like a Savior in the Dust PG-13 Craig Caff Call must decide if Gretchen Brandt is worth fighting for when someone is sent to bring her back to Missouri. Violence, mild language.
2. Never Trust A Reformed Outlaw PG Craig Caff Clay Mosby and Mason Dobbs team up to deal with a confidence artist attempting to cheat Mosby.
3. Ladies' Night PG Craig Caff Mattie returns as two Brandt Sisters try to save Call. (Miz Tieranny appears as a guest writer.)
4. Coyote's Magic PG Craig Caff Call must face his demons regarding his feelings toward Gretchen Brandt. Clay Mosby and Victoria Brandt plot to stop Call.
5. Mosby's Dilemma PG-13 Craig Caff Austin works with Bill McSween (THE ROBBERY). Mosby must decide if he will help Call. Violence, mild language.
6. Changing Hearts NC-17 Craig Caff Robert Shelby returns to join Clay and take up permanent residence in CW. Things heat up with Clay and Mattie. Mild language, m/f sexual situations.
7. Who Can You Trust? NC-17 Craig Caff Two citizens of CW try to backstab Mason Dobbs. Clay and Mattie: Is it lust or something more? Violence, m/f sexual situations.
8. Journey to Acceptance R Craig Caff Call must face Captain Call and Victoria Brandt as he gets closer to Gretchen. m/f sexual situations.
9. Stand Tall the Women R Craig Caff A young woman on the run seeks refuge and support from her husband. Violence, mild language, mature themes.
10. The Last Man on Earth PG Craig Caff The two least likely citizens of CW end up together in a desperate situation.
11. The Prairie City Canary PG-13 Craig Caff Is she a tease? Or is she a threat? A woman from Robert Shelby's past returns to haunt him.
12. Long Chance PG-13 Craig Caff Call struggles with his upcoming wedding to Gretchen. A death sets off a riot, and Mosby's in the middle of it. Violence, mild language.
13. Lock, Stock and Barrel PG Craig Caff Call and Gretchen are married. Mosby is involved in an unexpected poker game.
14. Repercussions NC-17 Craig Caff Reaction to Call and Gretchen's wedding causes bad results as well as good. Violence, mild language, mature themes.
15. Missouri Birds PG-13 Craig Caff The wedding between Dr. Cleese and Victoria Brandt. Mosby makes it up to Mattie. Violence.
16. Desperation NC-17 Craig Caff Disaster strikes on Thanksgiving Day. Red Crow makes an appearance. Violence, mild language, nonconsensual m/f sex.
17. Judge Colt and His Jury of Six NC-17 Craig Caff Regulators arrive to curb a rash of stage robberies. Mattie and Robert discover each other. Buffalo Bill guest stars. Mild language, violence, m/f sexual situations.
18. The Shame of Bethlehem R Craig Caff Mosby, Shelby, Call, and others reveal their beliefs and prejudices when a situation repeats itself almost nineteen hundred years later. Violence, mild language, racial situations.
19. So Far from Home PG-13 Craig Caff Olivia Jessup's cousin from New Orleans visits. Guest stars from actual Old West history appear.
20. When All Is Said and Done PG-13 Craig Caff Curtis Wells scrambles to hopefully find the survivors of a terrible stagecoach accident. The conclusion to the previous story. Violence.
21. Stronger Than Moonshine R Craig Caff An opportunity is presented for Mosby to finally secure the railroad as Call helps Luther out of a jam. m/f sexual situations, mild language.
22. Sun Dog PG-13 Craig Caff Mosby and Call must put aside their differences to join together against a mutual enemy from the past. Violence, mild language.
23. Leave Your Guns at the Door R Craig Caff A backstabbing attempt is planned during a dance put on by Clay Mosby. Olivia Jessup and Captain Woodrow Call guest star. m/f sex, violence, mild language.
24. Ephraim's Blunder PG-13 Craig Caff Dr. Cleese seeks adventure after a painting of Clay Mosby is revealed. Troubles abound for Olivia Jessup.
25. Gordian Knots PG-13 Craig Caff The dramatic conclusion of Ephraim's Blunder. Danger abounds for Olivia Jessup and the group inside the underground caves. Violence, mild language.
26. Cupid's Crooked Arrow PG Craig Caff A Valentine's Day mishap for Clay Mosby. Trouble for the Calls.
27. Honor and Responsibility PG-13 Craig Caff The wedding between Clay Mosby and Miz Ashley Jessup. Near tragedy for the Calls.
28. Last Ride of Johnny Reb R Craig Caff The unexpected arrival of ex-Quantrill Raiders halts Mosby's wedding, causing him to enlist assistance from his famous cousin, John Singleton Mosby, the Gray Ghost. Violence, m/f sexual situations.
29. Only Three in a Bed R Craig Caff Lotta Crabtree appears on stage in Miles City. A snow storm causes unexpected situations. Mature themes.
30. For Deeds Past Done NC-17 Craig Caff Two unwanted and unexpected characters from the past return to Curtis Wells for degradation payback. A glimpse into Ashley's past. Violence, mild language, m/f sexual/adult situations.
31. Departure PG-13 Craig Caff The Calls depart for Missouri while Mosby has an unexpected -- and controversial -- surprise guest.
32. A Wild Texan in Missouri PG-13 Craig Caff The Calls reach St. Joseph. There are difficulties in Curtis Wells between Clay, Ashley, and Robert. Historical events influence the story. Mild language.
33. Bad Medicine PG-13 Craig Caff A mysterious young woman's appearance causes chaos for the Cavalry, the Lakota, and Curtis Wells. Clay Mosby is pleasantly (or, unpleasantly) surprised, depending on your point of view!
34. Petticoat Uproar NC-17 Craig Caff Mosby's Cheyenne wife causes tempers to flare. The truth emerges about the mysterious Mary Piatt. Violence, mild language, m/f nonconsensual sexual situations.
35. The Runt R Craig Caff Clay's wife organizes a ladies chapter of Curtis Wells -- resulting in trouble for Mosby and Call. Mild language, violence, mature themes.
36. Harsh Realities PG-13 Craig Caff Travelers find the West far different from the civilized East. Horse thieves arrive in Curtis Wells. Disaster strikes the Mosby posse. Violence.
37. Chasing The Wind NC-17 Craig Caff Clay Mosby helps the recently arrived Michigan sisters. Another encounter with the horse thieves. Violence, m/f sexual situations.
38. Our Sorrow's Share PG-13 Craig Caff An historic figure arrives in Curtis Wells. Death claims another. Violence, mild language.
39. The Common Sense of Nonsense PG-13 Craig Caff A character from the past returns to Curtis Wells. Clay Mosby deals with new events and directions in his town.
40. Niye Wasake Tawaci (You Will Be Strong) R Craig Caff Death strikes again. Call goes berserk from anguish. The Mosbys face adversity. Violence.
41. Six Roads West PG-13 Craig Caff The origins of how some of Curtis Wells' longtime citizens came to live in Montana.
42. The Invitation Stick NC-17 Craig Caff Red Crow's wedding is cause for a celebration. "Yellow fever" for gold strikes Robert Shelby. Violence, m/f sexual situations, mild language.
43. The World Forsake Me PG-13 Craig Caff Clay Mosby decides to visits the Governor for a showdown. The Calls return to Hat Creek. Disaster strikes unexpectedly.
44. You Made Your Bed NC-17 Craig Caff Clay Mosby organizes the Mosby Cattle Company while coming to an unexpected decision concerning his wife. The most unlikely duo appears working together. Violence, m/f sexual situations
45. Death Be Not Proud NC-17 Craig Caff The alliance between Mosby, Willis Logan, and Samuel Peters develops. Mason Dobbs has troubles on the way to Santa Fe. Mature themes, violence, mild language.
46. Brothers of The Dark Trails PG-13 Craig Caff Clay Mosby's expected depression over the death of a loved one is cause for some to take advantage while one steps up to help him. The Prairie City Canary (from Story 11) returns.
47. Hair of The Bear PG-13 Craig Caff Clay Mosby attempts to regain control of the Lonesome Dove Hotel. Amanda Carpenter and two other women reveal their strength. Guest starring Red Crow and Libbie Custer. Violence, mild language.
48. Wanted Dead or Alive: Clay Mosby NC-17 Craig Caff Clay Mosby tries to prove his innocence after receiving a telegram claiming he's wanted for murder. Violence, mild language, m/f sexual situations.
49. Mary, Mary PG-13 Craig Caff Clay Mosby is drawn into the past as he relives moments with Mary. A stagecoach ride turns into trouble.
50. Widow-Makers and Spirit Breakers NC-17 Craig Caff Woman-beating becomes the topic of conversation in Curtis Wells once it is exposed within a married couple. Captain Call comes to grips with his son, Newt. Violence, mild language, mature themes.
51. Journey To The Edge of Sanity PG-13 Craig Caff The recent deaths of two women carrying Mosby's children -- one legitimate, one illegitimate -- sends him on a "black road" type of journey that will test his sanity. Violence.
52. Rake Up the Persimmon NC-17 Craig Caff Mosby's epic journey continues in this conclusion of "Journey To The Edge of Sanity." m/f sexual situations.
53. Better Than Stealing PG-13 Craig Caff A young Frederic Remington is among four Easterners visiting Curtis Wells for a hunting expedition that turns out to be more than the group expected.
54. Don't Cross The River (The Texas-Virginia Conflict),
Part 1
PG-13 Craig Caff Due to Indian raids, the U.S. Cavalry is in need of horses. Mosby and the Cartwrights (Adam, Hoss and Little Joe from Bonanza) form one outfit, Hat Creek, the other, in a competition to deliver.
55. Don't Cross The River (The Texas-Virginia Conflict),
Part 2
PG-13 Craig Caff While Clay Mosby and the Cartwrights compete against Woodrow and Newt Call to be first to deliver horses to the cavalry, a group of Army deserters take over Curtis Wells. Violence, mild language
56. Horsefly PG Craig Caff The arrival of two drummers and the Brandt sisters' cousins lead to confusion and problems for Clay Mosby.
57. It Comes With The Territory, Part 1 PG-13 Craig Caff Trouble in paradise forces a very reluctant responsibility for one major character. One person's grief can affect others.
58. It Comes With The Territory, Part 2 R Craig Caff Conflict is the continuous theme and unexpected situations appear to change the direction of some things in this conclusion. Violence.
59. Visions of Unfavorable Destinies, Part 1 PG-13 Craig Caff An opium-induced dream turns hauntingly real for Clay Mosby once he is injured and loses his memory. Violence.
60. Visions of Unfavorable Destinies, Part 2 PG-13 Craig Caff As Austin Peale teeters between life and death, Call's vision becomes real as he leads Curtis Wells against the outlaw Clay Mosby. Violence.
Faded Soul G Heather After sinking about as low as he can go, Call must finally face himself and decide what direction his life should take. Picks up where LOVE AND WAR leaves off. (3 pages)
Beginnings G Heather Call goes back to where his journey into adulthood began – the Hat Creek Ranch – seeking a new start with his father and his life. (8 pages)
1. The Understanding NC-17 Meluivan Indil Will the unexpected arrival of a woman from Clay's past change the lives of the residents of Curtis Wells? And what secrets from her past will threaten those she learns to care for? M/F sexual content. (18 pages)
2. Demons from the Past NC-17 Meluivan Indil (23 pages)
3. True Evil NC-17 Meluivan Indil (20 pages)
4. Earning Respect NC-17 Meluivan Indil (9 pages)
Hushabye PG-13 Roberta Stuemke Willis Logan wants revenge. To get it, he kidnaps Mattie and uses her to lure Mosby into a trap, but he didn’t count on Mattie’s strength, Mosby’s inability to keep Call, Austin and Luther from joining him, or on the possibility of them all finding shelter with the Sioux. (25 pages)
Echoes G Tieranny Call embarks on a mission that could ensure survival for the Lakota nation. (18 pages)
Journey G Tieranny Clay finds himself in a fight for his life against a hostile wilderness when a business trip goes horribly wrong. The struggle to survive, however, results in a journey of the spirit that leads him along a road less travelled. (40 pages)
Revenge, Part 1: Encounter PG-13 Tieranny An ordinary night at the Ambrosia Club is interrupted by a strange visitor. Once more Clay must confront his past and the ghosts who still haunt it. (23 pages)
Revenge, Part 2: Crossroads NC-17 Tieranny The conflict ended nearly two decades ago, but now a living demon has returned from the past to remind Clay that his own personal war is not yet over. (52 pages)
Revenge, Part 3: Passage PG-13 Tieranny As traditions give way to changing times, Clay must make some difficult decisions about the future, and about his place in it. (30 pages)
Time and the Lady G Tieranny It's been nearly 20 years since Col. Francis Clay Mosby saw his wife, kissed her, and comforted her as he prepared to return to the war. Now he sits with pen and parchment to speak to her again and say goodbye to his Lady one last time. (4 pages)
The Winds of Autumn NC-17 Tieranny Theirs was an uncommon bond – a brotherhood forged in the fire of war and tempered by the trust they shared. Now, a thoughtless betrayal of that trust threatens the friendship of a lifetime. (21 pages)
Winner Take All NC-17 Tieranny Clay's attempt to impose his own version of "Taming of the Shrew" on Amanda provides him with an entirely new perspective. (14 pages)
1. The Man Who Needed Hanging PG-13 Debbie Vega A robbery gone horribly wrong and a town thirsting for revenge have Call and Mosby intent on a quick and final resolution. Both are disturbed to discover the culprit has family—including a wife who is not afraid to question their methods of justice. (50 pages)
2. The Election PG-13 Debbie Vega In this sequel to REDEMPTION, a mysterious woman dredges up the aftermath of the mine explosion. Mosby also faces defiance to his authority when Josiah organizes an election for sheriff. (32 pages)
3. Blood Brothers R Debbie Vega Call’s bittersweet reunion with Mattie and her jealous beau’s connection to a vicious gang lead to a life-altering confrontation. Rated R for violence. (39 pages)
4. The Associate R Debbie Vega Mosby believes he has found the perfect subordinate when a young lawyer arrives in town. Call sinks further into despair because of the repercussions from his altercation with the Stanton gang. Rated R for violence. (44 pages)
5. All's Fair R Debbie Vega Mosby’s plan to reopen the copper mine hits a snag. Amanda’s partnership with Austin begins to unravel, but she finds a surprising new ally. Rated R for violence. (43 pages)
6. Fugitives R Debbie Vega Arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Austin is forced to go on the run with a female outlaw. Call must race against time and a relentless bounty hunter to save his brother-in-law. Rated R for violence. (39 pages)
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