Bulletproof Corsets G Joanne Long The men of Curtis Wells practice safe gunfighting while also making a fashion statement. (5 pages)
The Full Dovie PG-13 Joanne Long The men of CW in a short but tastily tart parody of "The Full Monty." (1 page)
The Leprechaun Story PG Joanne Long A St. Patrick's Day classic. The moral of this tale is, beware of leprechauns bartering unlimited-shot six-shooters – nothing good can come of it! (14 pages)
The Bold and the Beautiful G Brenda McFarland A very exclusive club, of which Clay Mosby is a member, holds its annual conference in Curtis Wells. Crossover with characters from Highlander; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Legends of the Fall; Hercules; and Magnificent Seven. (7 pages)
Will & Mosby at the Ambrosia Cafe G Brenda McFarland Mosby finds himself the target of several lawsuits and holds a meeting with his new lawyer, Will Truman (Will & Grace), in the dining room of the Ambrosia Cafe while a Mosby Look-A-Like contest goes on upstairs. (6 pages)
Sunday in the Country with Clay PG Roberta Stuemke Feeling the need for a break, Mosby takes a ride in the country, only to find himself helping a lost Mountie from Bordertown, and rescuing Call from some generic bad-guys-of-the-week. (11 pages)
A Mosby Valentine G Tieranny A short piece -- part humor, part sentiment -- highlighting Clay's romantic side. (Co-written with several friends). (3 pages)
Blackjack Chronicles PG-13 Tieranny While Mosby and Call are attracting all the attention and relegating their trusty steeds to the background, the Hellbitch and Blackjack have plenty to say about their illustrious masters. (5 pages)
Thoroughly Modern Montana PG Tieranny A light-hearted look at our friends in Curtis Wells as they take their first uncertain steps into the computer age. (6 pages)
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