A Mosby Valentine G Humor A short piece -- part humor, part sentiment -- highlighting Clay's romantic side. (Co-written with several friends). (3 pages)
Blackjack Chronicles PG-13 Humor While Mosby and Call are attracting all the attention and relegating their trusty steeds to the background, the Hellbitch and Blackjack have plenty to say about their illustrious masters. (5 pages)
Echoes G Post Second Season Call embarks on a mission that could ensure survival for the Lakota nation. (18 pages)
Journey G Post Second Season Clay finds himself in a fight for his life against a hostile wilderness when a business trip goes horribly wrong. The struggle to survive, however, results in a journey of the spirit that leads him along a road less travelled. (40 pages)
Montana G Poetry In this poem about Clay Mosby, even the darkest night gives way to the light of a new day, and from remembrances of those who have been lost comes the strength to make a new beginning. (5 pages)
Poetic Sensibilities R Poetry A collection of verses, most of which seem penned by FCM himself, including romantic sonnets, soulful haiku and playful limericks.
Revenge, Part 1: Encounter PG-13 Post Second Season An ordinary night at the Ambrosia Club is interrupted by a strange visitor. Once more Clay must confront his past and the ghosts who still haunt it. (23 pages)
Revenge, Part 2: Crossroads NC-17 Post Second Season The conflict ended nearly two decades ago, but now a living demon has returned from the past to remind Clay that his own personal war is not yet over. (52 pages)
Revenge, Part 3: Passage PG-13 Post Second Season As traditions give way to changing times, Clay must make some difficult decisions about the future, and about his place in it. (30 pages)
Riders NC-17 Other A woman in mourning, a dark-haired stranger, and the ride on the beach that carries both of them back toward life. Consensual m/f sex. (10 pages)
Thoroughly Modern Montana PG Humor A light-hearted look at our friends in Curtis Wells as they take their first uncertain steps into the computer age. (6 pages)
Time and the Lady G Post Second Season It's been nearly 20 years since Col. Francis Clay Mosby saw his wife, kissed her, and comforted her as he prepared to return to the war. Now he sits with pen and parchment to speak to her again and say goodbye to his Lady one last time. (4 pages)
The Winds of Autumn NC-17 Post Second Season Theirs was an uncommon bond – a brotherhood forged in the fire of war and tempered by the trust they shared. Now, a thoughtless betrayal of that trust threatens the friendship of a lifetime. (21 pages)
Winner Take All NC-17 Post Second Season Clay's attempt to impose his own version of "Taming of the Shrew" on Amanda provides him with an entirely new perspective. (14 pages)
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