Sharon Uzarewicz
The Dance G Second Season Clay and Selina (from BADLANDS) seize a regretfully brief moment together out of the ordinary course of their lives. (2 pages)
The Gate G Second Season Clay's curiosity leads to an unusual encounter with Call. (2 pages)
Honor Bound R First Season, Alternate Universe A "what if" scene for SNOWBOUND in which Hannah goes to Clay's room to enlist his aid for Newt and the town – and doesn't leave. (4 pages)
The Visit PG Prequel As the war intensifies, a recently promoted Captain Mosby finds his growing responsibilities complicated by an unexpected visitor from home. (18 pages)
The Letters of Mary Clairmont Mosby G Prequel Mary's correspondence with a lifelong friend reveals the private side of a youthful Clay and the love they grow into together. (2 pages so far)
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