Roberta Stuemke
Author Introduction G Other A little information about Roberta, an accomplished and wide-ranging fanfiction author, in her own words.
A Degree of Redemption G Second Season Men, women, and children died in an explosion in the Mosby mine, and Mosby arrested Dooley; now he knows someone else set the explosives. Not only does he have to free Dooley, Mosby has to face his own culpability, just as he did during the war. (7 pages)
The Choice G Between Seasons Hannah Call is dead and buried, and desperation leads Clay Mosby to make a deal with Death: his life for hers. But will Hannah herself accept his sacrifice? (10 pages)
Consequences G Second Season Clay Mosby refused to give Peters the money he asked for, and Amanda and Mattie were kidnapped as a result. Now, in the rescue attempt, Mattie’s been shot, and Newt Call blames Mosby. (6 pages)
Forsaking All Others G First Season Struggling with her conscience the night after finding herself in Clay Mosby’s arms, Hannah Call must make a difficult choice: a man she is attracted to but doesn’t love, or fidelity to a husband she loves but who could very well be dead. (5 pages)
Hushabye PG-13 Post Second Season Willis Logan wants revenge. To get it, he kidnaps Mattie and uses her to lure Mosby into a trap, but he didn’t count on Mattie’s strength, Mosby’s inability to keep Call, Austin and Luther from joining him, or on the possibility of them all finding shelter with the Sioux. (25 pages)
Never Another Christmas PG Prequel It's Christmas Eve of 1866, and in New Orleans, Robert Shelby spends the long night remembering Christmases past while watching over his best friend, Clay Mosby. Clay is buried in grief and guilt, and it's only too possible that he could kill himself.... (25 pages)
Reflections G Second Season Earl Hastings wanted revenge for his father’s death, and Mattie wants to know why. As Clay Mosby tells her about the wartime execution of Earl’s father, he has to face a few truths about himself as well. Is it time to lay aside his own desires for vengeance? (12 pages)
Sunday in the Country with Clay PG Humor, Crossover Feeling the need for a break, Mosby takes a ride in the country, only to find himself helping a lost Mountie from Bordertown, and rescuing Call from some generic bad-guys-of-the-week. (11 pages)
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