Debbie Vega
1. The Man Who Needed Hanging PG-13 Post Second Season A robbery gone horribly wrong and a town thirsting for revenge have Call and Mosby intent on a quick and final resolution. Both are disturbed to discover the culprit has family—including a wife who is not afraid to question their methods of justice. (50 pages)
2. The Election PG-13 Post Second Season In this sequel to REDEMPTION, a mysterious woman dredges up the aftermath of the mine explosion. Mosby also faces defiance to his authority when Josiah organizes an election for sheriff. (32 pages)
3. Blood Brothers R Post Second Season Call’s bittersweet reunion with Mattie and her jealous beau’s connection to a vicious gang lead to a life-altering confrontation. Rated R for violence. (39 pages)
4. The Associate R Post Second Season Mosby believes he has found the perfect subordinate when a young lawyer arrives in town. Call sinks further into despair because of the repercussions from his altercation with the Stanton gang. Rated R for violence. (44 pages)
5. All's Fair R Post Second Season Mosby’s plan to reopen the copper mine hits a snag. Amanda’s partnership with Austin begins to unravel, but she finds a surprising new ally. Rated R for violence. (43 pages)
6. Fugitives R Post Second Season Arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Austin is forced to go on the run with a female outlaw. Call must race against time and a relentless bounty hunter to save his brother-in-law. Rated R for violence. (39 pages)
Part I:
The Meeting
PG-13 Prequel Young Francis Clay Mosby meets a girl named Mary and decides to make her fall in love with him just to pass the time. But things don’t go quite according to plan.... (42 pages)
Part II:
PG-13 Prequel Clay’s lighthearted flirtation with Mary begins to blossom into true love. Will his romantic peccadilloes—past and present—threaten their happiness? (57 pages)
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