Am Ha Sefer
People of the Book

Welcome to the Am Ha Sefer site.  Here, we provide transcripts and summaries of teachings given at the congregation Kehilat Kerem Shalom in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The congregation meets every Saturday night and on some festival days.  You may email to the address given above for further information.

This site is constantly under construction.  More transcripts and summaries are added as they are processed.

We believe that everyone must make up our own minds regarding any teaching.  Most of the regular attendees at the congregation believe that Yeshua is our Messiah, and that accepted Jewish laws as given in Torah are worthwhile to study and follow.  This site is provided as a reference and convenience for those who are studying the teachings.

Your webmaster chooses to remain anonymous.  Contact will be only through the given email address, which is checked about once a month on average.  There is an online discussion and announcements group, which you may join if approved.  Thank you for visiting this site.

File Catalog

Books, gifts, clothing, and other Torah-related items are available at the Cheyenne Diversified Store which has its own web site.  The proprietors regularly attend our meetings.  This link is provided as a courtesy to visitors who might want to engage in deeper study.