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December 7, 1941

Members listed below are members of Post 149 or Auxiliary Unit 149 who transferred to Post Everlasting.  Some transferred before the revitalization of our Post in 2007.  If you have any information on our departed comrades, please contact the Post Adjutant at

We Remember Them


At the rising of the sun
and at its going down

We remember them.


At the blowing of the wind
and in the chill of winter

We remember them.


At the opening of the buds
and in the rebirth of spring

We remember them.


At the blueness of the skies
and in the warmth
of summer

We remember them.


At the rustling of the leaves
and in the beauty of autumn

We remember them.


At the beginning of the year
and when it ends

We remember them.


As long as we live,
they too will live;

for they are now
a part of us

as we remember them.


When we are weary
and in need of strength

We remember them.


When we are lost
and sick at heart

We remember them.


When we have joy
we crave to share

We remember them.


When we have decisions that are difficult to make

We remember them.


When we have achievements that are based on theirs

We remember them.


As long as we live,
they too will live;

for they are now
a part of us

as we remember them.


- by Sylvan Kamens and
Rabbi Jack Riemer

Michael R. Ailer (2002)

Walter Barboza (2000)

Dr. Blynn B. Beck (2015)

Kent Bell (2009)

Edgar G. Bernardo (2000)

Don Bernhardt (2003)

James E. Bishop (2009)

Kent H. Bowman (2008)

Thomas A. Breclaw (2011)

Michael Brillis

Charles R. Brown (2013)

James Burns (2012)

Earl  R. Carol Jr. (2013)

Rosario Como (2006)

Leo Cooper (1999)

George B. Cothron (2009)

William Currie (2011)

Chester Daniels (2001)

Thomas Dolan (2012)

Dale R. Duey (2011)

Jon T. Dulaney (2014)

Gilardo "Gil" Escalante (2009)

Eugene Genert (2013)

Samuel Gold (2010)

Patricia Goldberg (Aux.) (2014)

Richard A. Green (2003)

Michael J. Griegraber (2010)

Olaf H. Haldorsen (2010)

Thomas Halprin

Christopher W. Hartman (2008)

Senator "Chic" Hecht (2006)

Herbert Hinkle  (2012)

John J. Honstein (2009)

Paul Huszar (2012)

Phillip A Hyde (2014)

George A. Jaenicke (2013)

Irving A. Jenkins (2009)

Ralph E. Jones (2010)

Frank M. Kinsey (2005)

Don "Orcafool" Krailis (2010)

Leonard Kurland (2010)

John Lambert (2001)

Edward F. Lee (2009)

Reuben Linde (2003)

Hannelore Lizama (Aux.) (2010)

Sheldon Loftman (2012)

Leo B. Margolian (2007)

Robert W. Marshall (2011)

Aura Martin

George Martin (2000)

Stan Matysek (2000)

John J. Mccarthy (2010)

Harold Meyer (2012)

Andrew J. Micsky (2010)

George R. Miller (2000)

David Mofchum (2003)

Anita C. Moss (Aux.) (2009)

Herman Moss (2014)

Nathan Mudge (2009)

Vera Mudge (2014)

John P. Murphy Jr. (2010)

Thomas J. Neavitt (2014)

Charles Niedrich (1999)

Ray Novetny (1996)

John E. O'Hearon (2009)

Louis J. Patceg (2009)

Donald Pinsonneault (2010)

Crispino Pirrello (2003)

Clinton H. Pullen (2010)

Clarence W. Rial (2011)

Stuart C. Reppert (2010)

Frank R. Risewick (2011)

Greg S. Ross (2010)

Sammy Saggio (2001)

Robert T. Simms (2010)

Jimmy Sorrick (2004)

Kenneth R. Spear (2014)

James M. Spivey (2007)

John G. Stevens (2009)

Lyle Stovall (1999)

Milton B. Summerhill (2009)

James S. Sweeny (2010)

Frank Swift

Louis D. Todd Jr. (2008)

Larry E. Walston (2006)

"Big" Joe Webb (2008)

Samuel Wright (1998)

Walter J. Whittemore (2012)

James P. Zabran (2009)


JIm Bishop's Memorial

Anita "Mom" Moss Memorial

"Big" Joe Webb: 1935 - 2008