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In Flanders Field
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December 7, 1941

Flanders Field Official Site of the American Battles Monument Commission.

By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army

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The poppy, as a memorial flower to the war dead, can be traced to a single individual, Miss Moina Michael of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary.  In November of 1918, Miss Michael bought a bouquet of poppies and started handing them out to businessmen in New York.

Miss Michael was so moved by Col. McRae's poem, that she penned a response:

... the blood of heroes never dies

But lends a luster to the red

of the flower that blooms above the dead

In Flander's Field.

Flanders Field, Ypres, Belgium,
December 8, 1915
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Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial

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The most asked question is: why poppies?

Wild poppies flower when other plants in their direct neighbourhood are dead. Their seeds can lie on the ground for years and years, but only when there are no more competing flowers or shrubs in the vicinity (for instance when someone firmly roots up the ground), these seeds will sprout.

There was enough rooted up soil on the battlefield of the Western Front; in fact the whole front consisted of churned up soil. So in May 1915, when McCrae wrote his poem, around him bloodred poppies blossemed like no one had ever seen before.

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