Ever wish you could explore the worlds in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? Now you can, in 3D!  These models were created in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). Sit inside the Orion III cockpit and watch the moving navigation displays as you rendezvous with Space Station Five. Also, walk inside the Space Station Five hotel lobby! Get a close look at the Discovery spacecraft; click on the pod bay doors to open them. Sit inside a Space Pod and fly it around the Discovery.
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Cosmo Player

To view the model in 3D,
click on the Space Station Five image below.
To view the model in 3D,
click on the Discovery image below.
Click here to view without
the earth for faster rendering.
Click on the pod bay doors to open them,
and look inside!


To view the model in 3D,
click on the Space Station Five Interior image below.
To view the model in 3D,
click on the Centrifuge image below.
Visit HAL 9000 inside the virtual Discovery Centrifuge!

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Visit a Tribute to the World Trade Center in 3D where
you can "walk" around and inside the virtual Twin Towers.

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