about and join!
about and join!

come make a film with us!

*Alpha 60 is a filmmaking club.

Anyone can make a film with us as long as they follow these simple rules:

A) Every six weeks we assign a new word or phrase to whoever is on our e-mail list, and ask that a 3-5 page script be written inspired by that word or phrase.

B) We all meet and draw names out of a hat.

C) Whoever's name you draw is whoever's script you get and a month later you are asked to screen your movie of that script.

Over 200 films have been made with *Alpha 60.

If you would like to join the *Alpha 60 Film Collective please drop us a line.

If you wish to participate in the *Alpha 60 filmmaking club, bring a short script to our meeting. The script should be 3-5 pages (i.e. a film of about 5 minutes in length) and inspired by the phrase:

At this meeting your script will be put in a pile. Then you choose someone elses script at random. You are to make a short film about/inspired by the script you receive.

The results will be screened in August at the Echo Park Film Center. That's right, August. Can you believe it? It's like the summer just began. And what happened to all my plans?

(For those who cannot make the meeting, you can always contact us and send your script).

Pertinent information:

at a script meeting (you must bring a script):


Cecil - seaskull@earthlink.net

Neil - Neil_Mats@yahoo.com

Nick - NKmccarthy@prodigy.net

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