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In the Spring of 2001, while unemployed, Neil, Cecil and Nick took a hike in Griffith Park. Neil turned to Cecil and Nick and said, "I call myself a film maker, and yet I never make any films." And thus, with those few words, the idea of *Alpha 60 was born.

Practise your voice. Learn to let go of your writing. And find joy in the exercise of narrative or experimentation. Have a safe place to try and fail with no pressure of the Hollywood Bubble that we live in.

The first *Alpha 60 screening was at member Leda's house on December 17th, 2001. There were just 4 filmmakers. One of the films was out of sync. But we decided to do it again six weeks later and invite a few friends.

Now almost three years and hundreds of films later, *Alpha 60 continues to be a place to practise filmmaking and find your narrative voice.


Co-founders (L-R) Neil Matsumoto, Nick McCarthy and Cecil Castellucci

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