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Hawaiian Shamanic Principles

& Sacred Lomi (Hawaiian Temple Bodywork)

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The heart of Sacred Lomi
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Sacred Lomi is given with aloha within clear, therapeutic, non-sexual boundaries. These boundaries allow the receiver to safely venture right up to their edge, where healing always occurs. Sacred Lomi is deeply compassionate and honoring, with each receiver treated like a sacred being on an altar. This, after all, is the truth about each soul—every one of us is a sacred being, and it is through this sacredness that we are all connected.


Article: Sacred Lomi: Open Heart Bodywork for Change


A Sacred Lomi Healing


Sacred Lomi is healing through bodywork that meets each of us where we are. Thus sessions range from relaxing to blissful to spiritual to visionary to emotional to cathartic. Sacred Lomi is different things at different times, and we can trust that each session is exactly what we need in the context of our own healing now. Following is one of my experiences of a Sacred Lomi tandem session.


Article: A Sacred Lomi Healing

Book a Sacred Lomi session
with Mira Carroll

Sacred Lomi: Tom Cochran & Donna Jason

Seven Hawaiian Shamanic Principles
as taught by Serge Kahili King

Ike - The world is what you think it is.


Kala - There are no limits.  There are no limits to my forgiveness.


Makia - Energy flows where attention goes.


Manawa - Now is the moment of power.


Aloha - To love is to be happy with.


Mana - All power comes from within.


Pono - Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Aloha International

History and Connection

Truth reaches from ancient Lemuria through Polynesian sacred practice to Hawaiian culture to the urban shaman of today.  Note the astounding similarity of these Hawaiian Shamanic Principles to some of the Hermetic Laws and core teachings of A Course In Miracles.

Place of Refuge, The Big Island of Hawaii
Ancient site where forgiveness was practiced as law.

Let every voice but God's be still in me.  ~  A Course in Miracles

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