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Healing Loss for Prisoners

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Healing Loss: Choose Love Now is a workbook for self-healing based on spiritual principles compatible with A Course in Miracles.  A number of prison inmates have requested a free copy.


Each copy sent to a prison inmate costs about $50 (variation is due to different sales tax in different states).


If you would like to commit to donating a copy of Healing Loss to a prisoner, please do the following:


1.       Email me at to request a name and address.  Please be sure to use the whole address as given.

2.       Go to (link below) and make the purchase with your credit card, putting the inmate’s address in the “Send To” area.  Choose the slowest mailing option.

3.       Forward a copy of the email receipt to me.  This will enable me to send the inmate a letter letting them know to expect the book.


If you would like to fund a portion of a book to a prisoner, please mail your check to me at the address below.  Be sure to note “Healing Loss for Prisoners” in some way.


Please understand that Aloha Services is not a non-profit organization and I cannot offer a tax statement of charitable donation for these gifts.  You still may be able to deduct the cost of your gift—please ask your tax consultant.


With gratitude, in Peace and Love,


Mira Carroll

Let every voice but God's be still in me.  ~  A Course in Miracles

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