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Conscious Skydiving


So many of us have skydiving on our “Bucket Lists.” Jumping out of an airplane fascinates us, and our assessments of this activity are charged with energy. In the court of opinion skydiving is either the realm of masters or fools. When we jump out of an airplane, especially with a tandem master and for the first time, we face fear in a BIG way. It is contrary to our instincts to give gravity such a long leash. Taking this leap we leave behind what feels familiar and safe and embrace the unknown. We relinquish control and have an opportunity to practice trust.


Free-fall is thrilling, and the feeling of floating and flying under canopy is phenomenal. But this ultra-modern sport offers more than just thrills. Leaping into thin air is symbolic of crucial aspects of the healing process, so skydiving has great potential as a catalyst for healing. Skydiving takes us off the “therapeutic couch” or meditation chair and adds a profound level of reality to psycho-spiritual growth. It is absolutely NOT “The Answer,” but a well-timed tandem skydive can be a very useful tool for manifesting the answer for our lives. So let’s approach skydiving in tandem with our mental and emotional healing work. Let’s bring our spirituality to this energy-shifting rite. Let's harvest the greatest bounty of healing from this jump. Let’s skydive consciously!


I am available to facilitate your conscious skydive. I will guide you through YOUR process that will allow you to claim YOUR healing from your jump. We will consult by telephone and work together at the Drop Zone before and after your jump.


God-Smacked: Learning to Fly Above Your Life
The perspective of this incredible video is a metaphor for living a healed life. When we fly high enough the bumps and blemishes disappear and we can perceive the beauty that surrounds us, that we are part of and that is, in fact, our very nature.

James May is a British TV celebrity who gets more than a thrill
when he reports from a U2 flying 70,000 feet above the earth.

Let every voice but God's be still in me.  ~  A Course in Miracles

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