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The New Year: Time to Master the Practice of Forgiveness
If we wait for a new year to change aspects of our lives that call out to us (from nudges to Holy 2 x 4’s), we are really impeding our journey, even though it is a journey without distance back to the place we never left. The New Year is a sacred symbol for the truth that, as A Course in Miracles repeatedly reminds us, we can choose again at any time, thus beginning anew from the state of peace that is natural to us, if we do not allow fear to rule our minds.

The New Year: Time to Master the Practice of Forgiveness




Forgiveness: The Post Office Delivers


I got more than just stamps at the post office today. I got healing. I was given Love Forever. Does that surprise you? Please read on.

Forgiveness: The Post Office Delivers

Emotional Healing Work

Emotional healing work is crucial to the full manifestation of each soul’s purpose in life. Through healing our wounds we become able to hold the fullest reflection of God IN our lives—living lives of peace, love, joy, safety and abundance.

Emotional Healing Work

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Healing Loss: Choose Love Now
The teachings of Jesus
undo the very concept of loss.
An artful guide for transcending heartbreak
with tools that tap the wisdom of A Course in Miracles.

This little book is about transcending heartbreak. It doesn’t matter what circumstances seem to have broken your heart; there is one answer that heals them all. You are not alone, and you are loved beyond measure. You are love itself. Within this book I offer principles and practices to integrate into your life that will allow you to claim these truths for your own healing. They come from my studies of the teachings of Jesus as related in A Course in Miracles and The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ and as related by my earthly teachers, as well as from other universal spiritual teachers and teachings. The suggestions herein are also derived from intuition, inspiration, and Divine Guidance. Healing Loss grew from notes I made to help heal myself as I studied and practiced choosing love now—as I opened my grieving mind and shattered heart to the healing light of Truth.

Healing Loss Review from Miracles Magazine

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Healing Grief and Loss


How It Works


Truly healing grief and loss means healing the core issue that underlies it—our belief that God is not with us. This healing is a process, dependent on breaking down the barriers we have erected between God and ourselves. Time creates room for us to do this healing work, but time is not really part of the work. Healing work runs contrary to the common belief in the “tincture of time,” that by allowing ourselves time and space to grieve, we heal our hurt. Then at some point, we can step back into the stream of life and the future more or less free of pain, filling the space of our loss with other people and things. But if time and space are all we apply to our grief, we ENSURE that we will manufacture grief again in our future.


To heal we can use the tool of A Course in Miracles. This thought system gently teaches that we are the masters of our seemingly separate minds, which in Reality reside as One Mind at peace within the Mind and Heart of God. Ideas in the Course are to be applied equally to everything without exception, whatever your particular losses. In addition, we can use any and all tools that work for us and resonate with the vibration of Love Supreme.

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Sacred Lomi: Open Heart Bodywork for Change


Dusk is settling over the island as you stand at the entrance of the healing temple. The rumble of drumming seeps from within. Only this morning the Kahuna visited your home and suggested you come by tonight. You are excited and a little nervous. Last year your cousin was summoned and did not return for three days! But she was different when she came back—truer, surer, even more full of joy. The priest greets you solemnly: “If you are ready to let go of everything you think you know and everything you think you are, step across the threshold.” You pause, now fully realizing the importance of this occasion. It is an honor and a responsibility. With the gentle voice of your High Self propelling you, you step in and surrender to the realm of healing. And in so doing, you embrace a greater purpose for your life.


Such may have been the experience of an ancient Hawaiian coming of age. When they were ready, their priests would initiate them, clearing impediments to the manifestation of their life purpose or next phase of life. The Kahunas’ work included bodywork techniques that were passed down from generation to generation. Some of these practices have become what we know today as Sacred Lomi.

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Independence Day


Since A Course In Miracles came through the Americans Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, I wondered if Jesus included a special lesson for us on Independence Day.  He did:


I want the peace of God.  Lesson 185


Independence Day



Psalm 23 and A Course in Miracles

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:

      for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:

      thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:

      and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.  (Psalm 23, the Bible)


Psalm 23 and A Course in Miracles



The Job of Judgment


Do you feel tied to your job?  Is your inbox overflowing and overwhelming?  If your work includes judgment, you’re doing too much.  It’s not in your job description!


I work for God, and He clearly states (through the teachings of A Course in Miracles) that judgment is the job of the Holy Spirit.


I give all judgment to the One You gave to me to judge for me. He sees what I behold, and yet He knows the truth. He looks on pain, and yet He understands it is not real, and in His understanding it is healed.  (ACIM Workbook Lesson 347)


Judgment in my hands is a dream, an illusion.  It is an opinion drawn when I mistakenly believe that I see something clearly and extensively enough to become the judge of it.  It is a way that the illusion of separation is maintained, as I cannot feel oneness with that which I judge.


Wisdom is not judgment; it is the relinquishment of judgment. . .There is Someone with you Whose judgment is perfect. He does know all the facts; past, present and to come. He does know all the effects of His judgment on everyone and everything involved in any way. And He is wholly fair to everyone, for there is no distortion in His perception.  (ACIM Manual for Teachers, 10. How Is Judgment Relinquished?)


Judgment is when I deem something good or bad.  Yes, this includes good!  This definition makes clear that judgment pervades the thinking of most of us, most of the time, making our product intellectualization instead of thought.  In order to fulfill my function of forgiveness, which is my job, instead of judgment I “let all things be exactly as they are” (Lesson 268) and I choose, accepting responsibility for my choice.  I choose purple instead of orange.  I choose green instead of yellow.  Purple and green are not “good,” or better than orange and yellow.  They are simply my choice today.  When I can’t choose, I trust and I accept.  I trust that “everything that happens is gently planned by God, whose only purpose is my good.” (Lesson 135)  I accept that God has chosen what I have—now, in this moment—for my highest benefit, my salvation, regardless of opinions to the contrary.  My will is one with God’s, and so it is my choice too.


When I attempt the job of judgment, I overstep the boundaries of God’s chain of command and chain myself to whatever I judge like a guard to its prisoner.  When I judge, I lock myself out of the break room of life.  I cancel my own vacation and draft myself for unpaid overtime.  It’s not pleasant and, thanks to God, it’s not my job!


God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.  (Lesson 101)


My job is to be happy and free.  My work station is below the Holy Spirit on the assembly line, and the judgment has already been done.  There is nothing for me to do but forgive!  I am free to be happy with whatever I find.  I am free to add whatever my heart desires to the product, and to come and go as I wish.


Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

I am in danger nowhere in the world.  (Lessons 243 & 244)


Layoffs are not imminent and no one is jockeying for my job.  Opportunities and openings are infinite.  I am God’s Son, and the bounty of His peace, love, joy and abundance are my inheritance.


The Son of God is limitless. There are no limits on his strength, his peace, his joy. . .

I am he to whom all this is given. . .in whom the power of my Father's Will abides. (Lesson 320)




Anger must come from judgment. Judgment is the weapon I would use against myself,

to keep the miracle away from me. (Lesson 347)


When I relinquish judgment to the Holy Spirit, I am freed of my anger and thus clear to experience the peace of God that is in my job description.  When I let go of judgment, every day becomes payday.


I seek a future different from the past. Without judgment the future is recognized as an extension of the [joy-filled] present, the past having no effects.  (Lesson 314)


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Let every voice but God's be still in me.  ~  A Course in Miracles

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