First Day: Flying from Brussels to Bologna; in Bologna

Sunday Sept 10th


Landing in a misty dawn in Brussels after a no-sleep all-night flight from Chicago

Ready to board the flight to Bologna from Brussels

Gorgeous view of the Alps going from Belgium to Italy

Mountain lakes

Looking down on...Como?

Landing in Bologna: We had packed four large cardboard boxes with all our gear and some of the motorcycle baggage. As we had taped the boxes ourselves, we weren't sure if they had survived the trip. So the first thing coming off the plane was to check to see if our luggage had survived.

It had…No problem.

Then would all of that luggage fit into one taxi? Again we were in luck. After much squashing and pushing, all four boxes plus our backpacks (and us) made it into the taxi.

Got to the Hotel Maggiore on the outskirts of Bologna. They were ready for us. Two little beds were waiting for us. After being up all night, we were ready for them.

Four hours later, we woke up. Walked into town for some dinner. A LONG walk, about 45 minutes. As we were walking along, the thought occurred, "This is the last time we'll have to walk if we don't want to."

Found a nice Chinese restaurant. Tried to pay for dinner with the questionable credit card (see "Credit Card Blues"). The credit card was refused, did not go through. Damn. Am gonna break both kneecaps of that guy in the Radio Shack store who called in the card and had it cancelled.

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! WE GO TO THE DUCATI FACTORY AND PICK UP THE BIKES! It's all very exciting in the anticipation. 

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