Allan Stern - with ST2

European Trip Notes

Allan and Eric Stern

Fall-Winter, 2000

Any moment of travel on a motorcycle is a light and essential moment, an agile rebuke to a life conducted in one place. The raw force of the engine is not hidden beneath a hood, but alternately purrs and growls a few inches from the knees, demanding the consciousness of power. Seated behind glass, insulated by climate control systems and music, the driver of a car knows nothing about the directions of the wind, the lay of sunlight, the small changes in temperature between a peak and a valley, the textured noise of differing asphalts, or the sweet and sour aromas of manured fields or passing pine forests. Engaged in all the senses and elements, balanced in the present tense, a rider on two wheels can taste moments of oneness with the road.
-- Patrick Symmes,
Chasing Che: A Motorcycle Journey in Search of the Guevara Legend

ITALY: January 5th - January 27th, 2001
8,556 Miles Later .... and Comin' Home

SPAIN: November 18th - December 16th
Brainless in Barcelona
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Uh, No
Madrid to Toledo to Cordoba
The Rain in Spain is Mainly on the Wane
Photos from Ronda

FRANCE: November 7th - November 17th
What would those buried in the American Cemetery in Normandy think of all this election mess?
Letter From Normandy
How We Almost Got Blown off the Top of the Pont de Normandie

NETHERLANDS: October 18th-27th

FRANCE: October 13-15th
St. Mihiel Military Cemetery
City of Verdun
WW I Battlefields near Verdun

GERMANY: October 7th-9th
The Black Forest swallows us up
Visit to Weingarten, Germany

FRANCE:October 5th-7th
Montreux to Thann, France - Lost in a raincloud
World War I Battlefields in the Vosges Mountain - Vieil Armand
More battlefields - Le Linge
La Route des Crêtes and Strasbourg

SWITZERLAND: September 30th-October 4th
Furka Pass Closed -- what to do but hole up in Montreux
Visiting the Dixence Dam
Chamoson - Motorcycle Maintenance with a View
Photos from Montreux

FRANCE: September 18th-29th
Photos from Monaco
At my Brother's
In Cannes (not for film festival but for motorcycle maintenance)
Photos from Castellane
Photos from Grenoble
Photos from Annecy

ITALY: September 7th-16th
Two Days Before Departure; Credit Card Blues
Flight to Bologna from Chicago
Picking up the Bikes at the Ducati Factory
Lost on the Autostrada (on the first day!)
Italian Police on Lookout for Eric Stern!
Photos from Viareggio
How We Tried to Find a Happy Meal at McDonald's but Ended up at a 5-Star Restaurant Instead

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2001